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Historical Records
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Village of Fabius Clerk Archival Records Listing

The Village of Fabius was incorporated in 1880. It is approximately 0.40 square miles. It is located about halfway between Syracuse and Cortland. It is 7 miles east of the Tully on highway 80. Fabius village was called Franklinville as late as 1850. Fabius is a wonderful small village with scenic landscapes. Visitors can enjoy a quiet community atmosphere with activities at Toggenborg Mountain Winter Sports Facility just a few minutes south.

Series Title Years Cubic Ft. Dept. Comments
Architectural Drawings, maps, Plans & Photos 1911 0.01 VC Most maps are held by the town
Assessment Rolls, Final        
Assessment Roll 1926-1942 0.4 VC One Book
  Assessments 1962-Present 0.1 VC  
Audit, NYS Comptrollers 1963-Present 0.03 VC  
Bonds and Notes        
  Bond Applications 1959 0.1 VC  
  Bond 1961, 1970, Present 0.01 VC  
Budget, Village  
  Abstracts 1970-1971, Present 0.2 VC  
  Statements, Vouchers, Receipts 1956-Present 0.4 VC  
  General Fund 1955-1961 0.1 VC  
  Cash book 1955-Present 0.2 VC  
  Check Stubs 1967-1974 0.1 VC  
  Social Security 1974 0.02 VC  
  Treasurer Account Book 1949-1955 0.2 VC  
Claims, Legal  
  Legal Notice 1958, 1960-Present 0.2 VC  
Correspondence or Administrative Files        
  Correspondence 1963, 1965-Present 1 VC Records prior to 1990 are stored at the Fire Station
Economic & Industrial Development 1962 0.01 VC Sidewalk Replacement
Election Records 1956-Present 1 VC Includes elections records, ballots, and records
Environmental Health Records 1967 0.01 VC Includes Health District Protocol
Highway and Transportation Structure History file (Dept of Trans) 1962 0.01 VC Highway Specifications
Licenses and Bonds 1930-1942 0.1 VC One Book of Village Licenses
Minutes 1963-Present 1 VC  
Officials, Listing of 1960-Present 0.1 VC  
Payroll Sheet 1974 0.02 VC  
Personnel 1962-1973 0.1 VC Personnel Change
Plans, Annual, Final or Long Range Comprehensive (list Separately)  
  Tree Survey 1963-Present 0.01 VC  
Plans, Disaster Preparedness 1968-Present 0.01 VC Includes directions for local officials in case of natural or manmade disasters
Property Leases and Transfers 1955-1959 0.01 VC Property Transfer
  Annual Reports 1958-1974 0.04 VC  
  Treasurer Reports 1957-1972, 1974-Present 0.6   Includes Financial Reports
Special Franchise Records 1961-Present 0.04 VC Special franchise Assessments
Tax Margin 1974 0.02 VC  
Tax Exemptions 1974 0.02 VC  
Tax Receipts 1959-1967 0.2 VC  
Tax Receipt Register 1966-1968, 1971-Present 0.5 VC  
Village Service Files 1960-1974 0.04 VC Community counsel
  Zone Planning 1960-Present 0.2 VC  
Note: All Records Prior to 1975 are stored at the Village Fire House in the Vault        
Totals for Historical Records (Village of Fabius)

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