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Inmate Visitation Information


12:45 P.M. - 4:00 P.M. JAMESVILLE, NEW YORK
5:30 P.M. - 8:00 P.M. 13078

PACKAGES: Packages may only be brought in during the visitation times and dropped off prior to visiting the inmate. Visitors should come early (no more than one-half hour) if they wish to deliver a package and visit an inmate. If only planning to drop off a package and not visit, this must be done no later than fifteen (15) minutes before visiting period ends.

RULES: 1. All visitors shall be required to produce photo identification which includes but is not limited
to Driver’s License, Military I.D., Employee I.D., etc. Visitors under the age of eighteen (18) years of age will be required to be accompanied by parent or guardian. Failure to produce the required proper identification may cause the visit to be denied.

2. Each inmate may have a maximum of two visitors at any time during their visit. Small
children that may be held on your lap will not be counted for this purpose, (see #8 below).

3. The Department has the right to request a visitor to submit to a search if reasonable
suspicion exists that contraband is present. A visitor may refuse to be searched; however,
the Department retains the right under such circumstances to deny the visit.

4. A visit which becomes loud or disruptive will be terminated.

5. No personal items (including coats, sweaters, jewelry, purses, keys, smoking
materials, etc.) will be allowed in the visiting area. Exceptions may be made on an
individual basis by the supervising officer.

6. There will be NO SMOKING in the visiting area.

7. Visitors and inmates must remain seated at all times. Small children, five (5) years
old or younger, must remain on the visitor’s lap at all times. One (1) child per each visitor’s lap.

Visitors and inmates will only be allowed to share a brief embrace and kiss at the
beginning and end of the visiting period. No other physical contact between inmates and visitors, including children and infants, will be allowed during a visit. Inmates shall not be allowed to hold infants and children during a visit. Inmates and visitors shall not hold hands or touch each other during a visit, and inmates and visitors must stay behind the raised barrier in the middle of the visitation tables.

Once a visitor or inmate leaves the visiting area for any reason, except for lavatory
usage by visitors’ young children, the visit will be terminated.

10. At the conclusion of a visit, the visitors will leave the visiting area before the

11. For incidents including, but not limited to, assault, disorderly conduct, possession of
contraband, or other violations of law, the Department will detain the visitor and notify the
police authorities.

(Rev. 03/08)


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