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Date Published: 09/17/2018
Open Competitive Examination #: NonePromotional Examination #: None
Application Deadline: Application Filing Fee (Non-Refundable): $0.00


The following lets you know when to check our site for new examination announcements. It is not all inclusive. This is a tentative schedule. Examination dates may be canceled or changed. Applications will be accepted once an official examination announcement has been issued. Register to receive an e-mail notification of the issuance of new civil service announcements at ongov.net/employment.

Below are examinations (open to all qualified individuals) that we expect to be announcing in the upcoming months. Please check our website every 2-3 weeks for updates.

Scheduled Date / Anticipated Announcement Issue date

.........January/ October

Director of Facilities II PR

Director of Facilities III PR

Line Leader OC and PR

Personnel Aide OC and PR

Personnel Services Aide OC and PR

Public Safety Dispatcher PR

Public Safety Telecommunicator OC

Traffic Signal Control Center Operator OC

.........March/ December

Head Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator OC and PR

Park Superintendent III OC and PR

Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff (Police) OC

Principal Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator OC and PR

School Sentry OC

Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator OC and PR

Social Services Examiner I OC

Support Enforcement Officer OC and PR

Water Plant Operator Crew Leader PR

.........May/ February

Administrative Officer (SRAA) OC

Highway Section Crew Leader OC and PR

Highway Shift Supervisor OC and PR

Purchasing Contract Clerk OC and PR

Superintendent of Street Repair OC and PR

.........June/ March

Assistant School Transportation Director OC and PR

Assistant School Transportation Supervisor OC and PR

Case Supervisor Grade B PR

Pupil Transportation Analyst OC and PR

School Bus Attendant Supervisor OC

Senior Caseworker PR

.........June/ April

Director of Codes Enforcement OC

Director of Planning and Development PR

Plumbing Control Supervisor OC and PR

Principal Probation Officer PR

Probation Officer OC

Probation Officer (Minority Group Specialist) OC

Probation Officer (Spanish Speaking) OC

Probation Supervisor PR