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An employee in this class performs complex technical work involving the receipt of rough copy, and the preparation of camera-ready copy for offset, reproduction purposes. A phototypesetter, waxer, and light table are used in making the copy, which appears in the form of a mechanical paste-up. Assignments are received from users in the form of rough copy with instructions for a final, desired format. The compositor must then decide a typeface and presentation that will conform to this desired output, prepare the copy using a phototypesetter, and make a mechanical paste-up for the printer. An employee in this class does not exercise supervision. The Supervisor directs Work assignments and scheduling.


Receives rough draft copy and instructions for final product form from various authors in the user agency.

Selects a format and type size that will be effective, efficient, and within the author's guidelines.

Enters copy into a phototypesetter composer by using a standard keyboard to print photographically typed matter onto strips of photosensitive prepared paper flats for making printing plates.

Develops washes and fixes the paper that has been exposed in the phototypesetter composer by using a standard procedure provided with the phototypesetter composer.

Proofreads and corrects errors on copy by reentering material to be changed into the phototypesetter composer.

Constructs a mockup of the material for the author's review.

Incorporates any author revisions into a final version by reentering material to be changed into the phototypesetter composer and modifying the mock up with the resulting new copy. Waxes one side of a mechanical paste-up of the copy to prepare it for final reproduction by a printer.

Performs routine maintenance on the phototypesetter composer according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Operates on an as needed basis of other wordprocessing machines.


Thorough knowledge of the preparation of camera-ready copy using an automatic phototypesetter.

Good knowledge of standard graphic principles as applied to the arrangement of printed material in various formats.

Some knowledge of the principles of mechanical drawing as applied to graphics presentation.

Good knowledge of English grammar punctuation and spelling.

Some knowledge of the principles of photographic paper development, washing, and fixing.

Some knowledge of photo offset printing procedures.

Ability to follow detailed oral and written instructions as to format of finished copy.

Ability to be responsive to economic factors involved in preparation of assignments.

Ability to type accurately at a fast rate of speed.

Ability to establish and maintain a cooperative working relationship with facility users and co-workers.

Manual dexterity.

Ability to operate other word processing equipment such as (IBM Mag Card or equivalent).


Two (2) years of full time work experience as a cold type composer operator which must have included preparing camera-ready copy for offset reproduction, either by stripping (arranging film into pages) or mechanical paste-up (arranging paper copy into pages on boards.)

3/78 Date of Original Composition