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The work involves responsibility for providing supervision and performance of public health social work functions at an advanced level of practice. This is responsible public health social work at a supervisory level involving the direction and supervision of one or more subordinate public health social workers in a local health department; supervises special programs; provides consultation to the community and Health Department's staff. The Supervisor also may assist the Director in certain administrative functions. The continuing supervision of and responsibility for the work of subordinate social workers, as well as delegated administrative functions distinguish this class from that of the entry level Public Health Social Worker. The incumbent is accountable to an administrative director for successful completion of assigned duties. Does related work as required.


Supervises one or more social workers in a local public health department.
Trains, assigns duties to and reviews work of subordinate public health social workers.
Assists an administrative director in developing and strengthening public health social work services as they relate to general departmental programs.
Insures that available supportive community services are utilized to fullest extent.
Directs studies of causation, prevention and management of health related social problems.
Establishes or introduces systems of data collection, compilation and analysis for use in community health and health related social planning.
Oversees the operation of certain special services such as HIV counseling and testing and other public health programs and the social aspects of programs related to maternal and child health.
Meets and confers with members of own and other professions both within and outside the department on social aspects of public health.
Participates in educational or training program activities.
Provides direct service to special cases to determine population groups and identify problem areas, barriers to health care, and to develop risk reduction strategies.
Assists in the implementation of developed programs.
Provides consultation to community agencies and Health Department staff concerning health care and program development.
Participates in public health preparedness activities as trained and assigned.
Utilizes appropriate methods for interacting effectively and professionally with persons of all ages and from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, educational, racial and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, lifestyles, and physical abilities.


Thorough knowledge of principles, practices and techniques of public health social work.
Thorough knowledge of HIV counseling and testing procedures.
Good knowledge of community resources.
Good professional judgment.
Skill in social work supervision.
Ability to plan and direct work of professional social work assistants.
Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with professional personnel.



Two (2) years of permanent competitive class status in the title of Public Health Social Worker I.

Open Competitive:

Candidates must be licensed as a Master Social Worker by the New York State Department of Education and have two (2) years of full- time postmasters professional social work experience or its part-time equivalent.

*Minimum qualifications derived from Part 11 of the State Sanitary Code (10 NYCRR).

03/2017 Revised