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The work involves responsibility for overseeing and supervising school buildings and grounds security functions both during and after normal school hours. The primary emphasis in this position is to insure the presence of security officers to deter vandalism, breakage and unwarranted loitering on school property. Under the supervision of the School Superintendent or other administrative superior in charge of security, the incumbent has responsibility for planning and overseeing both vehicular and foot traffic flow in and around school buildings in accordance with established procedures outlined by the Board of Education. Supervision is exercised over the work of a security staff. Does related work as required.


Develops, coordinates, oversees, and evaluates district security measures (including locker inspections,prom/ball/dance breathalyzer checks, etc.).
Meets regularly with the School Superintendent or other administrative superior in charge of security to keep them informed of district security issues and any present or future building and grounds security needs.
Assists in the development of security guard positioning schedules.
Monitors building and grounds security.
Requests materials (stickers, violation notices, etc.) necessary for student/staff parking.
Meets regularly with Principals, Deans and counselors to discuss building and grounds security issues.
Implements rules, regulations, and policies relating to student and staff parking.
Arranges for meetings with local police and/or community members when necessary.
Oversees district security concerns.
Assists with after school activities when appropriate.
Supervises building security guards.
Coordinates the activities of the security guards and works with them to oversee building and grounds security.
Assists in the development of in-service programs for security guards.
Represents the school district to police agencies and business community members.
Attends student disciplinary hearings when appropriate.
Recommends changes in policies, regulations and procedures as related to building and grounds security; recommends security modifications.
Interacts with parent groups and community organizations.
Prepares reports dealing with district security such as on-school parking, student discipline, security guard schedules, etc.


Good knowledge of the practices and procedures necessary to maintain order and insure the protection of life and security of buildings, grounds and equipment.
Good knowledge of safety procedures necessary to eliminate or prevent accidents and safety hazards.
Working knowledge of vehicular traffic control activities in parking lots and access roads.
Ability to exercise sound judgment in carrying out security duties.
Ability to carry out oral and written directions.
Ability to act quickly, efficiently and calmly in stressful situations.
Ability to plan and supervise the work of a security staff.
Ability to understand and deal effectively with students, faculty and others.
Ability to maintain records and prepare reports.
Ability to communicate both orally and in writing.



Two (2) years of permanent competitive class status as an Assistant Director of School Security and Safety.

Open Competitive:

A. Graduation from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees, with an Associate’s Degree or higher in criminal justice or police science and three (3) years of experience, or its part time equivalent, as a law enforcement officer or security officer; or,

B. Five (5) years of experience, or its part time equivalent, as a law enforcement officer or security officer; or,

C. An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B) above.

NOTE: Pursuant to Chapter 336 of the Laws of 1992, employees whose principle responsibility is to perform security guard duties, must be registered with the New York State Department of State and complete a pre-assignment training program. Employees must complete the registration and training prior to performing the duties of the position.

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