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The work involves responsibility for providing effective levels of security for all buildings within the downtown complex including its property, equipment and personnel. This will include planning, developing, implementing and monitoring all policies and procedures to maintain and enhance security for the downtown complex. The incumbent is responsible for ensuring that effective access control, emergency response functions and safety procedures are carried out and that all security equipment is functional and up-to-date. Work is carried out in compliance with all applicable state and federal guidelines and regulations. Work is performed under the general direction of the Commissioner of Facilities Management who allows the incumbent independence in planning and implementation of procedures. Does related work as required.


∑ Analyzes and defines security requirements including access restrictions and develops appropriate policy to reduce vulnerability.
∑ Reviews emergency response and safety procedures and develops and implements appropriate policies.
∑ Enforces applicable policies and procedures utilizing a complete knowledge of county regulations.
∑ Conducts facility security checks to ensure consistency of practices and verifies procedures are followed.
∑ Identifies building equipment needs (cameras, alarms, panic buzzers etc.)
∑ Provides training in security procedures to appropriate county personnel.
∑ Ensures the security of sensitive materials related to overall security and safety of facilities and personnel.
∑ Conducts confidential investigations regarding security and safety including matters relating to personnel and their activities.
∑ Conducts incident report review and follow up.
∑ Provides periodic security and safety reports to evaluate and improve security and safety programs.
∑ Coordinates certain activities with public safety officials, outside security contractors and agencies where appropriate.
∑ Maintains records and files including those required by state and federal regulations.


Good knowledge of the fundamentals of security work.
Good knowledge of the laws, regulations and fundamentals of safety.
Good knowledge of the sources of information relating to safety programs as well as state and federal
Good knowledge of county human resource policies including investigation and disciplinary procedures.
Ability to organize and conduct security and safety programs.
Ability to evaluate existing physical protection systems and to assess and improve these systems.
Ability to recognize and keep vital security information in a confidential manner.
Ability to make detailed inspections and to recognize potential security or safety hazards.
Ability to use tact and courtesy in dealing with employees, visitors, and contractors.
Ability to keep accurate records and prepare clear and concise reports.
Ability to communicate effectively.
Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.


A. Graduation from a regionally accredited college or university or one accredited by the New York State Board of Regents to grant degrees with a Bachelorís Degree or higher in Law, Criminal justice, Criminology or related field and three (3) years of work experience, or its part time equivalent, in a legally related field or,

B. A Masters Degree in Law, Criminal justice, Criminology or related field and one (1) year of work experience, or its part time equivalent, in a legally related field.

Date Revised 12/09