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The work involves responsibility for conducting investigations and interviews to substantiate facts for cases being prepared by the District Attorney’s Office. The Investigator II works in accordance with the established practices and procedures set forth by the District Attorney of Onondaga County and under the NYS Criminal procedure Law. An employee in this class is on call 24 hours a day and is responsible for assisting and aiding the Investigator I staff with ongoing case investigation and preparation. An employee in this class is assigned the more difficult, complex and specialized criminal investigations. An Investigator II aids the District Attorney and Assistant District Attorney’s with trial preparation including court testimony regarding evidence and confessional affidavits. This investigator is assigned proactive and reactive investigations and must maintain a high level of respect and knowledge within the Police community, to accomplish the desired results, which are only obtainable with years of experience. The position of Investigator II requires the handling of high profile and sensitive cases which include homicide investigations. Does related work as required.


Conducts investigations as directed by the District Attorney or Assistant District Attorneys.
Conducts interviews and/or interrogations as needed to prepare case files as directed by the Chief Investigator.
Prepares reports of investigations.
Prepares and executes subpoenas, search warrants, summonses, show court orders and citations as required.
Collects and documents evidence obtained during the course of an investigation; completes necessary laboratory forms to be submitted with evidence for analysis.
Retrieves and handles evidence for trials.
Testifies in trials as an expert witness within the scope and training of investigative experience.
Traces and locates witnesses and other missing persons.
Assists the District Attorney and Assistant District Attorneys in preparation of cases for and during trials.
Serves subpoenas, warrants, summonses, show court orders, and citations as required.
Transports victims/witnesses and other documents as required.


Thorough knowledge of the New York State Penal Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Search and Seizure Laws, and Rules of Evidence.
Good knowledge of modern investigative techniques.
Good knowledge of the techniques and procedures involved in establishing legal action in court.
Good knowledge of techniques involved in serving legal papers.
Ability to conduct detailed confidential investigations.
Ability to prepare clear and accurate oral and written reports
Ability to analyze findings and recommendations.
Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

Six years (6) years of work experience, or its part-time equivalent, as a Police Officer having successfully completed the basic course for Police Officers approved by the Municipal Police Training Council, or its equivalent, and eight (8) years of work experience in criminal investigations as a detective/investigator gathering evidence and/or conducting investigations in one of the following areas: narcotics, homicides, gang-related or domestic violence, missing persons or economic fraud.

5/2013 Date Revised