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The work involves responsibility for supervising and working with subordinate sworn deputies in enforcing Federal and State Law and local ordinances within Onondaga County. Under supervision of a Deputy Sheriff Lieutenant (Police) or higher ranking superior, an employee in this class assigns, trains and evaluates the work of subordinate deputies within a function, unit or section of the Sheriff's Department. Assignments are received from a sworn superior verbally and in writing allowing for some leeway in their being accomplished. Performance is reviewed through observation, conference and submission of written reports. Immediate supervision is exercised over a number of subordinate sworn and civilian personnel through observation of worked performed, submission of written reports and complaints received. Does related work as required.

Transmits orders to Deputies.
Inspects subordinates before or while on duty for compliance with departmental regulations.
Checks subordinates in the performance of duties and makes suggestions for better execution of work.
Reviews reports submitted by Deputies.
Reports any breach of duty or inefficiency of subordinates.
Required to work a significant amount of overtime throughout the year.
May command a unit or section of the department when so assigned.
Makes a daily report of activities during an assigned shift.
May be assigned to investigate work.
May gather information and secure evidence for the apprehension and conviction of persons alleged to have committed a crime.
May interview and interrogate suspects; question victims, witnesses and other parties who may provide information.
May collect and compile evidence to allow for an orderly and logical presentation of facts in a case.
May take charge of traffic detail.
May operate computer equipment.
May perform all duties of subordinate officers.

Good knowledge of modern principles and practices of law enforcement.
Good knowledge of the New York State Penal Law, Code of Criminal Procedure, Vehicle and Traffic Laws, Ethical Codes and related laws pertaining to law enforcement.
Good knowledge of the geography of Onondaga County.
Good knowledge of criminal law with particular reference to search and seizure of evidence, apprehension and arrest of suspects and protection of their rights.
Good knowledge of the techniques and procedures used in securing and preserving
Skill in the use of firearms.
Ability to use a computer.
Ability to exercise sound judgement in all instances based upon knowledge/training gained during academy programs, minimizing potential harm to the general public and oneself.
Ability to obtain information through interview, interrogation and observation.
Ability to deal firmly and effectively with the general public.
Ability to make concise oral and written reports.
Ability to work significant amounts of overtime.
Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

Three (3) years of permanent competitive class status in the title of Deputy Sheriff (Police) or Deputy Sheriff (Police - Spanish Speaking).

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