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The work involves responsibility for coordinating and supervising plumbing inspections made to new and existing facilities by licensed plumbing contractors. An employee in this class supervises plumbing inspection and installation activities by establishing work schedules in assigning inspections of sewers, commercial facilities and multiple dwellings, as well as overseeing the investigation and resolution of complaints regarding plumbing work. Plumbing Inspector II is to be distinguished from Plumbing Inspector I in that an employee in this class reviews plumbing plans and specifications for new construction to determine the type of plumbing installations to be inspected; researches and indicates sewer lateral connections, reviews all work performed by Plumbing Inspectors I for proper completion with other Environmental Sanitation Bureaus and departments. General supervision is received from an administrative superior who reviews work through informal consultation. Work is usually received through inspection requests from plumbing contractors. An employee in this class exercises general supervision over a number of Plumbing Inspectors I. Certain assignments made to employees in this class will require reasonable access to transportation to meet field work requirements made in the ordinary course of business in a timely and efficient manner. Does related work as required.


Reviews plumbing plans and specifications of new construction to determine the type of installations to be performed and the location of sewer mains and lateral connections for plumbing contractors.
Assigns inspection work schedules to subordinate Plumbing Inspectors by determining the urgency of the inspection based on the conditions and type of construction equipment utilized, the most convenient time to inspect business facilities operation and the amount of available personnel.
Assists in establishing work procedures to insure that construction and inspection schedules are met and that all work records are filed and kept in order.
Directs and reviews all work performed by Plumbing Inspectors I by developing schedules of inspections and holding periodic meetings with same to discuss work performed.
Assists and instructs Plumbing Inspectors I in solving problems encountered during inspections.
Coordinates inspections with other sections of Environmental Sanitation and other departments by conducting inspections on new restaurants, existing restaurants that change management, existing restaurants that request inspection, buildings that have changed occupancy, new multiple dwellings and those which request inspections.


Thorough knowledge of practices, tools and terminology used in plumbing work.
Good knowledge of the laws, ordinances and codes governing plumbing connections and installations in Onondaga County.
Good knowledge of the principles of supervision.
Good knowledge of the principles and techniques of environmental sanitation and inspection.
Ability to read and understand plumbing plans and specifications.
Ability to establish work schedules in the assignment of work.
Ability to make inspections of plumbing installation.


Certification of competency as a Master Plumber issued by the Onondaga County Examining Board of Plumbers.

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