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The work involves responsibility for providing and supervising primary care for fish raised at Carpenter's Brook Fish Hatchery, a facility under the jurisdiction of the Onondaga County Parks Department. The work involves supervising and participating in the rearing of brook, brown and rainbow trout from eggs to adult for stocking county waterways. The incumbent participates in programs such as feeding, cleaning, disease control, stocking, recordkeeping, public relations, on-the-job training and general maintenance. General supervision is received from the Park Superintendent. Direct supervision is exercised over a number of subordinate employees such as Hatchery Aide I, laborers and summer aides. Does related work as required.


Inspects all eggs, sac fry, fingerlings, subadults and brook stock throughout the day for signs of stress and disease; notes feeding behavior, environmental conditions, ripeness of females and other factors indicating the health status and welfare of hatchery stock.

Determines feed orders and feeding rates through research, observation of metabolism and calculations by approved formulas.

Assists Park Superintendent in the diagnosis of disease and formulation of a treatment plan including the calculation, formulation and administration of medication.

Takes smears and other histological samples and uses approved laboratory methods to determine presence of disease.

Reports any abnormal conditions that may be detrimental to the welfare of hatchery stock.

Conducts tours of the facility, answers questions from the public and partakes in special events.

Performs routine maintenance operations in the care of hatchery facilities such as groundskeeping, simple carpentry, drain maintenance, simple plumbing, fence repairs, painting, concrete patching, snow removal and other hatchery related chores.

Assures cleanliness of all fish rearing facilities and hatchery equipment used for fish rearing purposes by supervising disinfection of rearing tanks and equipment during disease outbreaks.

Records and maintains water quality records necessary to promote good health of the fish and determine feeding schedules and growth projections.

May operate fish stocking vehicle and instruct subordinates and volunteers on placement of stocked fish.

Maintains records as to the placement of stocked fish.

Maintains daily hatchery log.


Good knowledge of standard fish rearing practices, feeding, disease identification and treatment.

Working knowledge of routine maintenance, repair and groundskeeping.

Skill in using microscopes, scales, and other precision testing equipment.

Skill in the use of hatchery equipment as well as tools associated with routine maintenance tasks.

Ability to perform routine water quality analysis and microbiological examinations.

Ability to tactfully deal with the public in the hatchery setting as well as giving demonstrations.

Ability to keep accurate charts and records.

Ability to communicate effectively to the public and fisheries personnel using appropriate verbage.

Ability to follow written instructions such as those pertaining to the use of feed and chemicals.

Ability to supervise employees performing routine fish rearing, maintenance, and groundskeeping tasks.

Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.


A. Two (2) years of work experience, or its part time equivalent, in the rearing of fish in an organized hatchery setting; or,

B. Completion of 18 semester credit hours from a regionally accredited or New York State registered college or university in physical, biological or animal behavioral science or other field closely related to the study of fish or wildlife; or,

C. An equivalent combination of training and experience as defined by the limits of (A) and (B) above.


When required to operate a motor vehicle, possession of a valid New York State Non-CDL or CDL, including any special endorsements, as required for the type of vehicle being operated.

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