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The work involves the application of roofing materials to the roofs of public buildings to insure a weather tight roof. An employee in this class performs skilled journeyman level work in the roofing trade. Independent judgment is exercised in determining the extent of repairs, materials necessary to effect repairs and amount of time to complete the job. Supervision may be exercised over unskilled helpers in delivering materials to work site and operation of the materials melting machine. Supervision and work assignments are received from an administrative superior. Work is checked during progress and upon completion. Does related work as required.


Removes old roofing where it would be a detriment to a new roofs application.

Covers roof with roofing materials such as composition shingles or sheets, wood shingles, or asphalt and gravel to make them waterproof.

Cuts roofing paper to size using knife and nails, staples or tacks to roof in overlapping strips to form base for roofing materials.

Aligns roofing materials with edge of roof and overlaps successive layers, gauging distance of overlap with chalk line, gage on shingling hatchet or by lines on shingles.

Cuts strips of flashing fits them into angles formed by walls, vents and intersecting roof surfaces.

Applies asphalt or tar and gravel to roof by map or pours hot asphalt or tar onto roof base.

Applies alternate layers of hat asphalt or tar and roofing paper until roof covering is built up as specified.

Applies gravel or pebbles over top layer, using rake and stiff bristled brooms.

Cleans up work site and takes appropriate care of equipment at the end of the job.


Thorough knowledge of methods, materials and equipment used in the roofing trade.

Thorough knowledge of occupational hazards and safety precautions of the roofing trade.

Working knowledge of the physical properties of roofing materials.

Skill in the use of tools and equipment associated with the roofing trade.

Skill in making roofing installations and repairs.

Ability to follow oral and written assignments.

Ability to interact on a productive basis with other employees.

Ability to work from scaffolds and ladders and on roofs.

Ability to stand for long periods of time, to crawl, climb, bend and to do moderately heavy lifting and carrying.


Four (4) years of full time work experience under a journeyman level roofer, which provided training equivalent to that given in an apprenticeship program. Apprenticeship training in the Roofing trade or training gained by the completion of technical courses in the roofing trade at a school, institute, or branch of the Armed Services may be substituted for the above training and experience on a year by year basis.