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Onondaga County FOIL Requests

Application for Public Access to Records

Disclaimer:  Read Before Submitting:

  • Onondaga County will reply to all requests within five (5) business days.  You must "white list" or allow the email address of the Records Access Officer to ensure that you receive the response.  You will receive a dated copy of the request to the email address you provide above.
  • The County of Onondaga is not responsible if you provide an incorrect, non-working, or invalid email address.  The County of Onondaga will take no further action if the response to your email address bounces.
  • Your email account must be capable of accepting files up to 10mb in size.  The County of Onondaga will not provide electronic records over 10mb in size through email.  If the records are over 10mb in size, you will have the option to obtain a hard copy, if available, or a CD-ROM disc with the files at your cost per copy or per disc.
  • I certify that I am the individual above and that any false representation of myself as another person is a crime.
  • The County of Onondaga is under no obligation to create records to fulfill your request.  If the information you have requested exists in a database but there is no report available to obtain that information, the FOI Law does not require the County of Onondaga to create a report to suit your request.  Additionally, if the information requested is currently available in any manner on the County’s website, you will be directed to the location on the County’s website where the information appears.
  • For your protection and security, your IP address will be recorded.
  • Current fees for reproduction are $.25 per printed page not in excess of 9” x 14”, $5.00 per CD-ROM, or the actual cost of reproducing any other record.
  • Requests involving extensive computer research may require a fee of $20/hr for technician time and computer use.  This fee would be determined by Onondaga County.
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