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Lead Poisoning Control Program

John H. Mulroy Civic Center, 9th Floor
421 Montgomery Street, Syracuse, NY 13202
Phone (315) 435-3271

Email: LeadFreeKids@ongov.net or click below

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Is your home poisoning your child?
Children and pregnant women living in older homes with chipping, flaking, and peeling paint are at the greatest risk for lead poisoning. The Onondaga County Lead Poisoning Control program works to protect children from lead poisoning by:
  Inspecting rental properties and homes built before 1978
•  Providing blood lead screening tests
•  Following up with families whose children need testing, and
•  Providing case management for children with lead poisoning.

Lead poisoning is a preventable disease. Parents, tenants, landlords/homeowners, and contractors all have a role in making our community lead safe. Parents can protect their child with a healthy diet and a lead safe environment. Click to download a program brochure in English or Spanish.

Information For:




Financial Assistance for Lead Risk Reduction Work


Lead Inspections

New York State requires doctors to test all children for lead poisoning at ages 1 and 2. Only a blood test can tell how much lead is in a child’s body. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention determines acceptable blood lead levels in children. Children living in older homes with chipping, flaking, and peeling paint are at the greatest risk for lead poisoning. Learn more about how to protect your child from lead poisoning and how a healthy diet can protect your child.

To find out if your child needs a lead test, Onondaga County residents can call (315) 435-3271. If your child has already had a lead test and you would like the results, fill out and send in the following forms:
•  Authorization for Use or Disclosure of Individually Identifiable Health Information

•  Enrollee/Patients Request for Access to Health Information Form

In response to an increased number of recalls for toys containing lead, New York State Department of Health has created a Lead Hazard Product Recall Page where you can find pictures and links to recent toy recalls for lead, as well as fact sheets for parents and health care providers. You can also see a list of lead recalls on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website.

Financial assistance may be available to homeowners for lead risk reduction work.

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“Landlords cannot harass, retaliate against or seek to evict tenants solely because they make good faith complaints to a government agency about violations of any health or safety laws.” Real Property Law §223-b

As a renter you are entitled to safe and healthy housing. Landlords are required to give renters information on Tenant’s Rights. Landlords must give tenants information before doing renovations on rental property. Your landlord must document you have received this information. You may be asked to sign a pre-renovation form. If you rent an older home or apartment in the City of Syracuse that has peeling or chipping paint, call for a FREE home inspection at 435-3271. Please be aware that if lead violations are found, you must still pay your rent.

More information for tenants is available by calling the Lead Program at 435-3271 or visiting the links below:
•  Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home
•  Renovate Right Booklet:  English or Spanish
•  Tenant’s Rights:

    New York State Tenants Rights Guide

    Tenants Rights-A Handbook for Syracuse Tenants
•  Lead Paint Safety

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The HUD/EPA disclosure rule requires you to give out the pamphlet: "Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home" to people before they rent or buy pre-1978 housing. Owners of rental housing must disclose information about lead paint hazards to potential renters before a lease is signed. Sellers must disclose information about any known lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards before selling a home. Buyers have up to 10 days to check for lead hazards.

Lead dust generated by traditional renovation work can cause lead poisoning in children, pregnant women, yourself, other workers, and even pets. There are simple, practical ways to reduce this risk. Financial assistance may be available to homeowners for lead risk reduction work.

Tips when working on an older home:
•  Work Smart…test work areas for lead paint before you renovate, repair or paint.
•  Work Wet…mist areas with water before sanding or scraping.
•  Work Clean…wet wipe or mop; use a HEPA vacuum to clean up paint chips and dust.

As of April 22, 2010 landlords paying someone to work on their rental property are responsible for following the new Environmental Protection Agency’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule. Landlords are required to document that prior notification has been given to tenants before beginning renovation or repairs that may disturb lead-based paint. Click here for a sample pre-renovation form. Homeowners working on their own property are strongly recommended to follow the EPA guidelines.

For more information on lead safe renovation go to:
•  Steps to Lead Safe Renovation, Repair and Painting
•  Small Business Compliance Guide: English or Spanish
•  Renovate Right Booklet:  English or Spanish

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Financial Assistance For Lead Risk Reduction Work
You may be eligible for home repair grants to remove lead from your property if:
1. You own or rent property built before 1978 and
2. Your family or the family living in the rental property meets the income guidelines
3. You have a child age six or younger who lives at or visits the property often.

If you live within Onondaga County, visit Onondaga County Community Development

Information on healthy homes and home repair programs may be found at:
•  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
•  Housing and Urban Development
•  Home Headquarters
•  Cornell Cooperative Extension
•  Onondaga County Division of Environmental Health


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Lead dust generated by traditional renovation work can cause lead poisoning in children, pregnant women, yourself, other workers and even pets. Practical changes in work practices can minimize and contain lead dust. The use of lead-safe work practices makes the job safer and reduces your liability.

The EPA’s Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Final Rule addresses activities that disturb lead-based paint in “target housing” and “child-occupied facilities”. After April 22, 2010, firms working in pre-1978 homes and child-occupied facilities must be certified and use lead-safe work practices during renovations. The new rule requires that:
•  Renovators be certified through training by an accredited training provider
•  Firms be certified.
•  Lead-safe work practices be used during renovations.
•  Tenants are provided with pre-renovation education in target housing and child-occupied facilities.

For more information on how the EPA's RRP Final Rule affects contractors, go to the EPA's website, www.epa.gov.

For more information on accredited training providers:
•  Central New York Environmental Institute

•  Cornell University ILR
•  Environmental Education Associates, Inc.

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Lead Inspections
If you own or rent an older home in the City of Syracuse and have a child living with you who is age 6 or younger, the Onondaga County Lead Poisoning Control Program will do a FREE lead inspection of your property (click to download brochure in English or Spanish). During an inspection, we test to see if there are lead paint hazards in the home that could cause lead poisoning. We also teach you about lead poisoning and how to protect yourself. If lead paint hazards are found, we will issue a “Notice and Demand Letter” to the property owner, which notifies him or her that lead hazards must be removed by a specific date. All work done on the home must follow lead-safe work practices. After the completion date, we come back to see that the work was done. The home must then pass a “Lead Dust Clearance” test to be sure the home is lead-safe.
•  To see if you are eligible for a FREE lead inspection call us at 435-3271.
•  Property owners within the City of Syracuse who have received a “Notice and Demand Letter” for lead paint hazard violations may be eligible for additional training. Information on training, local resources, lead law and regulation are available upon request.
•  Financial assistance for homeowners may be available through Onondaga County Community Development.

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Watch this video or Click Here for the Community Development Lead Hazard Reduction Grant Program
Lead Recalls


Lead Study Project
Syracuse University
David B. Falk College of Sport

& Human Dynamics
The Syracuse Lead Study is a

four year research project looking at

the impact of environmental toxins,

including lead, on children's health.

If you have a child aged 9, 10, or 11

and live in one of these zip codes:

13203, 13204, 13205, 13207 or 13208

click here to learn more!


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