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Founded in 1974, Hillbrook Juvenile Detention Center is a division of the Onondaga County Department of Probation. It is a secure facility located on Onondaga Hill in Syracuse, NY. Hillbrook provides mandated secure services for youth ages 10 to 16.

Youth who have pending juvenile delinquency cases in Family Court may be remanded to Hillbrook until the conclusion of their cases or until an appropriate alternative to detention can be identified. Youth prosecuted in criminal court and charged as Juvenile Offenders, may also be housed at Hillbrook until their sentencing.

Hillbrook is certified by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services and can accommodate 32 youth. Though Hillbrook primarily serves Onondaga County, out-of-county residents can be admitted when there are vacancies.

While at Hillbrook, residents participate in an educational program that operates year round. In addition, medical screening and services, psychiatric assessment, case management, worship services and pro-social programming are offered.

Hillbrook Juvenile Detention Center
 4949 Velasko Road Syracuse, NY 13215-1930
(315) 435-1421

To be a leader among juvenile detention services through the utilization of best practice as we provide safe, efficient, effective, and equitable care for youth.

To ensure public safety while encouraging individual success for each youth through restorative justice, strength-based programming and family and community involvement that incorporates and extends beyond the juvenile justice system.

• Provide individualized and short-term care that supports the emotional, educational, pro-social, and physical development of youth.

• Provide the safest, most secure and least restrictive environment for youth placed in juvenile detention without compromising public safety.

• Provide an environment that is conducive to and supports educational growth and development through structured classroom instruction and activities.

• Ensure that proper medical evaluations, care and treatment are provided to support the overall well-being of youth in juvenile detention.

• Utilize Therapeutic Crisis Intervention techniques to address specific needs of youth experiencing behavioral problems.

• Facilitate communication, positive interaction, and support services for youth and their families.

• Provide a catalyst for change in the lives of youth through cost-effective programming that promotes the use of best practices and alternatives to secure detention.

• Provide professional development opportunities for staff to ensure quality assurance of juvenile detention standards.

• Promote the development of a professional, accountable and respectful work environment.


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