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Meeting Minutes
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MEMBERS PRESENT:  Dr. Chase, Mrs. Tassone, Ms. Cody

MEMBERS ABSENT:  Chairman Plochocki

Also attending:  See attached list


Vice Chair Burtis called the meeting to order at 9:13 a.m.  A motion was made by Mrs. Tassone, seconded by Dr. Chase, to waive the reading of the proceedings from the previous committees.  MOTION CARRIED.  A motion was made by Dr. Chase, seconded by Ms. Cody, to approve the minutes from the July committee.  MOTION CARRIED.  A motion was made by Dr. Chase, seconded by Ms. Cody, to approve the minutes from the August committee.  MOTION CARRIED. 


1.     WATER ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION:  Michael Lannon, P.E., Deputy Commissioner

        a.     A Resolution Calling for a Public Hearing in Connection with Proposals to Support Green and Innovative Infrastructure Projects to Benefit the Onondaga County Sanitary District

Mr. Lannon:

  • Public hearing for proposals totaling $1.2 million – suburban projects outside ACJ area but within consolidated sanitary districts, projects supplement Save the Rain program and further the efforts of Local Law 1-2011 by reducing costs associated with managing wet weather sewer capacity, also reduce infiltration and inflow (I&I) to WWTP’s; funding approved in 2016
  • 13 applications submitted; reviewed spreadsheet


  • Propose funding top 5projects based on reduction volume and cost per gallon

In answer to Dr. Chase, Mr. Lannon confirmed that municipalities would supply any matching funds.


In answer to Vice Chair Burtis, Mr. Lannon confirmed that the total cost would include both the suggested and matching funding amounts for each project. 


Mrs. Tassone asked why there were no matching funds from the City of Syracuse.  Mr. Lannon answered that the City will use the county sewer lining contract, the engineering is complete, and they are seeking the maximum amount.  He believes the City would absorb any in-house engineering or oversight costs.


In answer to Dr. Chase, Mr. Lannon said that it is his understanding that municipalities have committed to the matching funding necessary to complete the projects.

  • All projects are sewer lining, except Cicero which is using grout sealing


In answer to Vice Chair Burtis, Mr. Lannon said that the total project cost is divided by the anticipated I&I reduction to equal the cost per gallon metric.

  • Village of East Syracuse project will help the Ley Creek pump station
  • Anticipate all municipalities will use county sewer lining contract, other than Cicero


Vice Chair Burtis asked if there was a reason the Town of Cicero was not lining their sewer.  Mr. Lannon answered that grouting was deemed a better application for point repairs - the rest of the sewer was considered acceptable.


Vice Chair Burtis said that CIPP must be heavy labor.  Mr. Lannon said that they have to inflate the sock and newer technology uses UV light to active the resin; formerly used hot water, which has a longer curing time.


In answer to Mrs. Tassone, Mr. Lannon said that a holistic approach was taken and the projects with the greatest benefit were chosen.  At this point, the other projects will not receive any funds.  Mrs. Tassone asked if they would be considered at a later date.  Mr. Lannon answered, if the program is offered again.  The current authorized amount of $1.2 million will be exhausted if funds are awarded to the selected five.  Mrs. Tassone asked why they wouldn’t reduce some funding so that all could be included.  Mr. Lannon answered that it is better to maximize the amount of work due to the mobilization costs.  There are efficiencies in scale of economy - maximizes the awards and amount of work. 


In response to Vice Chair Burtis, Mr. Lannon confirmed that 21 manhole rehabs are part of the Salina project.  Vice Chair Burtis said that 80 million gallons was a huge number.  Some towns have already done things to try and reduce I&I and manhole repair is a big part of this.  Mr. Lannon agreed.


Vice Chair Burtis reminded the committee that the resolution is for a public hearing.


A motion was made by Dr. Chase, seconded by Ms. Cody, to approve this resolution.  Passed unanimously; MOTION CARRIED.


Vice Chair Burtis noted today’s date of 9-11; asked all to remember that there are a lot of people who are still hurting, and he is thankful for all who serve.


The meeting adjourned at 9:28 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Onondaga County Legislature



* * *



September 13, 2017



MEMBERS PRESENT:  Mr. Jordan, Mr. Kilmartin, Mrs. Ervin, Mr. May, Mr. Shepard


ALSO PRESENTDr. Chase, Mr. Ryan, see also attached list


Chairman Knapp called the meeting to order at 9:35 a.m.  He reminded everyone that the Chairman’s Veterans Advisory Board will meet tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. at Assembly Hall.  There will be a tour with the goal of taking a look at the County Executive’s Committee recommendations and see if we have thoughts of our own or comments on their suggestions.  He noted that the meeting is open to everybody.


Chairman Knapp reminded everyone that the County Executive’s 2018 budget presentation will be Friday at 11:00 p.m.  After that it becomes the Ways & Means Committee’s budget; will start at Monday at 11:00 for Vehicle Use Review Board; review starts at 1:00 p.m. with the Planning & Economic Develop Committee departments and agencies.


A motion was made by Mr. Shepard, seconded by Mr. Kilmartin, to waive the reading of the minutes of proceedings of the previous committee meeting.  MOTION CARRIED.  A motion was made by Mr. Kilmartin, seconded by Mr. Shepard, to approve the minutes of the proceedings of the previous committee.  MOTION CARRIED.



        a.     Amending the 2017 County Budget to Make Surplus Room Occupancy Funding Available for Use in Support of the Landmark Theatre ($50,000)


Chairman Knapp said that this is for excess ROT dollars; have done this the past several years – it is in the budget and this is releasing it.  Mike Intaglietta, General Manager of the Landmark, made a presentation to the Planning Committee yesterday.  He noted that Mr. Jordan, Mr. Shepard, and himself, are all on that committee and heard the presentation.  The Landmark is having a great year--have a couple big shows and are getting ready for the Lion King.  They are are having an extended week period of rehearsals – hundreds of people coming to town and staying for a short time and some for a couple of months.  There will be a lot of room nights, and the Lion King is a great show that sells a lot of tickets.  They have things already planned for next year.  The concessions were discussed, which were an issue in years’ past, but now have their arms around it –working efficiently and they are making a lot more money on them.  This passed unanimously at Planning Committee.


Mr. May questioned if this was a budget item.  Mr. Fisher explained that this is the 4th year that this has been done.  Four years ago the Co. Executive asked for $100k to go to the Landmark; $50k went into the budget and in the course of the budget year $50k was appropriated out of surplus ROT. The Co. Executive has been supporting $100k each year, but it hasn’t gone into the budget; the legislature has waited until it sees what kind of surplus exists in ROT, and has taken it out of there rather than the budget that is taxed for.  Chairman Knapp said it is not specifically budgeted.  Mr. May said that it is not an additional amount; it is routine support of the Landmark Theater.  Mr. Knapp and Mr. Fisher agreed. 


Mr. Ryan said that in speaking to the Armory Square Business Association, the bar owners, restaurant owners and other businesses, get a big boost from events like the Lion King, and they are very appreciative.  Mr. Fisher noted that it creates work for a lot of techs, IATSE in particular.  Disney puts this on and has to set it up somewhere before it takes the show on the road – the state has a tax credit that they can use.  They set up here for about 3 weeks and hire IATSE.  The Paul McCartney show is taking up over 100 IATSE members, as is the Lion King.  They will bring people in from Rochester and elsewhere, who will be staying in hotels and spending money. 


A motion was made by Mr. Kilmartin to approve the item. 


Mr. May asked what the ROT balance is.  Mr. Morgan said that after the $50,000 is approved, there will be roughly $100,000 surplus.


Mrs. Ervin seconded the motion.  Passed unanimously; MOTION CARRIED. 



        a.     Confirming Appointments and Reappointments to the Onondaga County Fire Advisory Board


A motion was made by Mr. Kilmartin, seconded by Mr. Shepard to approve this item.  Passed unanimously; MOTION CARRIED.


3.     SHERIFF: 

          a.     Authorizing Execution of Agreements for Acceptance of State of New York Highway Safety Program Funds ($115,000)


Mr. May said that this is routine funding for the Sheriff’s Office.  Mr. Morgan said that the money is already in the budget; this is authorizing the execution of the contract; a routine grant done every year.


A motion was made by Mr. Kilmartin, seconded by Mrs. Ervin, to approve this item.  Passed unanimously; MOTION CARRIED.


4.     PURCHASE:

        a.     Revenue Contract Report


revenue reportattendance


The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,



Onondaga County Legislature


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