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Van Duyn Home and Hospital Acquisition RFQ
Below is an Onondaga County Request for Qualifications (RFQ) seeking vendors qualified to acquire Van Duyn Home and Hospital.
Request for Qualifications:
Van Duyn Home and Hospital Acquisition RFQ
Attachments A: Financial Statements Attachment G:
Financial Statements 2007 Major capital & infrastructure investments over the last 3 yrs
Financial Statements 2008  
Financial Statements 2009 Attachment H:
  HEAL NY Phase 20 Technical Application
Attachment B:  
Positions and Salaries Attachment I:
  Daily Nursing Staffing
Attachment C:  
Van Duyn Organizational Charts Attachment J:
  Bed Count by Unit
Attachments D: Union Contracts  
CSEA 2008-2012 Attachment K:
CSEA Contract Changes 2008 Summary of Case Mix Submission
IUOE 2009-2012  
NYSNA 2009-2012 Attachments L:
  2008 RHCF-4 Cost Report
Attachment E: 2009 RHCF-4 Cost Report
Census Data  
  Attachment M:
Attachments F: Floor Plans Rate Sheet
EXISTBB02 EXISTBB06 Van Duyn RFQ Addendum

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