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    Onondaga County Department of Finance
       Office of Real Property Tax Services

  • Donald Weber - Director
  • John H. Mulroy Civic Center - 15th Floor
    421 Montgomery St.
    Syracuse, New York 13202
  • Ph. 315-435-2426    Fax 315-435-2421
  • Delinquent Town Property Tax Payments:  Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


       *  City of Syracuse property:  For property tax questions please call:

           The City of Syracuse Finance Department  Ph. 315-448-8310

   Definition of left navigation:

  • Property Tax Information will let you search for a property by Address or Tax Map Number. 
  • Taxpayers Guide will give you some basic information about the collection of taxes in Onondaga County.
  • Auction Information tells about the next Delinquent Property Tax Auction.
  • Town Assessors is a listing of address and phone numbers for all current assessors by town.
  • Tax Receivers is a listing of address and phone numbers of all current Town, School & Village tax receivers.
  • Tax Rates is a listing of current tax rates for County/Town, Village & School.
  • Equalization Rates is a listing of the rates established by the New York State Office of Real Property Services to be used in the apportionment of the county tax levy prior to January 1st of each year.
  • Calculating County Tax Rates describes how tax rates are figured.
  • How to Estimate Your Taxes tells how to calculate taxes based on assessed value and with or without exemptions.
  • Forms, Publications & Procedures has forms and links to assessment information.
  • Tax Maps lists prices of maps and postage fees and where to view them. 
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County/Town and School Tax Bills
Real Property statistical Information
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