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Town Assessors

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Celeste Karakas, Sole Assessor

Ann Clancy


4600 W Genesee Street, Rm 114
Syracuse, NY  13219

Ph  315 487-7574
Fax 315 487-5568

email  Celeste Karakas

website  Camillus Assessor



Brad Brennan, Sole Assessor

Mary Beth Togni

Lynn Wood


8236 S Main St
Cicero, NY  13039

Ph  315 699-1410
Fax 315 699-2758

email  Brad Brennan

website  Cicero Assessor



Robert A. Bick, Sole Assessor


4401 Route 31
Clay, NY  13041

Ph  315 652-3800 x 2
Fax 315 622-7259

email  Robert Bick

website  Clay Assessor



Jean Rayfield, Sole Assessor



5400 Butternut Drive
East Syracuse, NY  13057

Ph   315 446-0973 x 8
Fax  315 449-2065

email  Jean Rayfield

website  Dewitt Assessor



Celeste Karakas, Sole Assessor

Penny Ceratt

Paige Boratko


P.O. Box 568
Jordan, NY  13080

Ph  315 689-7405
Fax 315 689-3122

email  Celeste Karakas

website  Elbridge Assessor




Larry Fitts, Sole Assessor


P.O. Box 311
Pompey, NY  13138

Ph   315 682-1169

Fax  315 682-7895

email  Larry Fitts

webiste  Fabius Assessor



Lucille Fox, Sole Assessor

Melissa Tokaryk

Terri Davis


1000 Woods Road
Solvay, NY  13209

Ph 315 468-3600 x 4
Fax 315 468-6527

email  Lucille Fox

website  Geddes Assessor



Shawn Adam, Sole Assessor

Route 11 South
LaFayette, NY  13084

Ph  315 677-3420

Fax 315 677-7806

email  Shawn Adam

website  Lafayette Assessor



Theresa Golden, Sole Assessor

Sheila Bohemier

Julie Nicolini

Cindy Halstead


8220 Loop Road
Baldwinsville, NY 13207

Ph  315 638-0839
Fax 315 635-1515

email  Theresa Golden

website  Lysander Assessor



Patrick Duffy, Sole Assessor

Cristine DelFuoco

Phil Murray


301 Brooklea Drive
Fayetteville, NY  13066

Ph  315 637-9854
Fax 315 637-0713

email  Patrick Duffy

website  Manlius Assessor




Larry Fitts, Sole Assessor

Helen Stevens


24 East Main Street
Marcellus, NY  13108

Ph  315 673-3269 x 5
Fax 315 673-9102

email  Larry Fitts

website  Marcellus Assessor



Sherry LaVancher, Sole Assessor

Dale Barcomb

Alice Nanno


5020 Ball Rd
Syracuse, NY  13215

Ph   315 469-3216
Fax  315 469-0650

email  Sherry LaVancher

website  Onondaga Assessor



John K. Hobart, Assessor

Stephen Cowles, Assessor

James Hertzog, Assessor

1924 Barker Street
Tully, NY  13159

Ph   315 696-6017

Fax  315 696-5678

email  John Hobart




Larry Fitts, Sole Assessor

P.O. Box 311
Pompey NY  13138

Ph   315 682-1169

Fax  315 682-1171

email  Larry Fitts



Brad D. Brennan, Sole Assessor

Marc DiCerbo

JoAnn Stack

Joanne McCabe


201 School Road
Liverpool, NY  13088

Ph   315 451-3231
Fax  315 461-9315

email  Brad Brennan

website  Salina Assessor




Linda Wright, Sole Assessor



24 Jordan Street
Skaneateles, NY  13152

Ph  315 685-0745
Fax 315 685-

email  Linda Wright

website  Skaneateles Assessor




Kim Stone-Gridley, Sole Assessor


1984 Route 174
Skaneateles, NY  13152

Ph   315 673-9559

Fax  315 673-9835

email  Kim Gridley

website  Spafford Assessor




Cristine DelFucco, Sole Assessor

5833 Meetinghouse Road
P.O. Box 206
Tully, NY  13159

Ph 315 696-4693 x 13

Fax 315 696-0082

email Cristine DelFucco

website  Tully Assessor


Van Buren

Theresa Golden, Sole Assessor

Mary Gilbert


7575 Van Buren Rd
Baldwinsville, NY  13027

Ph  315 635-7997
Fax 315 635-8247

email  Theresa Golden

website  Van Buren Assessor

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