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The Aviation Unit has one chief pilot, five pilot/deputies, three flight observer/deputies, and is often staffed by a volunteer flight paramedic who assists on Medevac missions and at accident scenes. The helicopter used is a single-engine Bell 407, also known as “Air 1”. It is equipped with Night Sun (a light source capable of delivering 30 million candlepower), a Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) device, and video downlink/videotaping capabilities.

Air-1 is a multi-mission helicopter capable of performing numerous functions including:

  • Patrol:
    Night Sun lighting
    FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) - locating heat sources and videotaping
    Coordinating resources from an elevated platform
    Video downlink/videotaping capabilities
  • Search and Rescue:
    Locating and rescuing victims
  • Medevac:
    Providing paramedic services on the scene and transporting patients
  • Fire Assistance:
    Locating fire/heat sources and transporting personnel/services into difficult areas
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