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Facts from the Biological Program

Taking samples to analyze for macroinvertebrates
Taking samples to analyze for macroinvertebrates

A healthy Onondaga Lake will foster robust communities of animals and plants—both in and around the water. The Ambient Monitoring Program also examines biological indicators to evaluate the vitality of the ecosystem.

Here is what WEP personnel look for:

  • Fish are the major focus of WEP's biological monitoring program. To monitor success in fish reproduction, WEP personnel count fish nests, take samples of larval and adult fish, and tag adult fish to track individual histories.

- Learn findings of Onondaga County's comprehensive fish community monitoring program.

  • Phytoplankton and zooplankton are tiny plants or animals, respectively, that remain suspended in the water. Data about their number, variety, and condition in Onondaga Lake are recorded.
  • Macroinvertebrates are small insects and worms that live in the sediments of the lake and its tributaries. Their number and diversity correspond directly with the vigor of life in the lake.
  • Aquatic plants take root in the lake's bottom providing habitat for young fish, and they stabilize the bottom of the lake.

Finding macroinvertebrates
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Sampling aquatic plants
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