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Masonry Cleaning Wastewater

WEP issues permits to accept the wastewater from masonry cleaning and restoration projects. Contaminants from masonry cleaning and restoration can be present in the masonry itself or from airborne pollutants from vehicle exhaust. Common pollutants of concern include lead, nickel, and zinc.

Masonry permits require proper collection and treatment of wastewater. Contractors often install plastic sheeting to collect and divert the wastewater to a holding structure before treatment and discharge.

Treatment is typically accomplished by filtration. If metals concentrations are unusually high, advanced treatment using chemical precipitation or membrane technologies may be required. Laboratory analyses are required to determine the acceptability of the wastewater for discharge to the sewer system.

Permit application process

Check WEP's Procedures for the Acceptance of Wastewater from Masonry Restoration Projects (click below). It includes an application form. The application fee is $200.


Procedures for the Acceptance of Wastewater from Masonry Restoration Projects and Masonry Restoration Permit Application Form

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