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Sanitary Unit Charge

All users of the sanitary sewer system are charged the Sanitary District Unit Charge. The charge is billed on the annual County tax statement. Tax exempt properties are billed directly since they do not receive a tax statement.

*** Important information regarding recent legislation enacted April 4, 2017 *** (PDF)


What’s a unit?

A unit is the amount of water discharged to the sewer system from a typical household. The current unit is equal to 137,000 gallons per year.

All users are charged based upon a schedule adopted by the County Legislature. The schedule was most recently modified on

April 4, 2017. See authorizing resolution

What about septic systems?

Users on septic systems are not assessed a unit charge.

How much does it cost?

Single family households are charged one unit per year. Multiple-family dwellings (such as apartments) are charged 0.75 units per year per dwelling. Therefore, a two-family house receives a total charge of 1.5 units.

Businesses, which typically discharge more water than households, receive a unit charge based on the amount of water that they use with a minimum of 1 unit.

Unit charge rates are adjusted annually to account for fluctuations in costs of operating the sewer system. Rates are generally established in October ever year during the budget process.

Unit charge rates
Rate per Unit

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