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EMS Bureau Overview

To ensure excellence in emergency medical service delivery, the EMS Bureau provides technical training and coordination of Emergency Medical Services that exceed national standards for excellence in provision of Emergency Medical Services.

Emergency Medical Service technicians are certified by New York State Department of Health. The Onondaga County EMS Bureau is a course sponsor for

• Certified First Responder (CFR)
• EMT Basic
• EMT Intermediate
• EMT Critical Care
• EMT Paramedic

For information on current courses sponsored by the EMS Bureau (link to the calendar)

An individual must successfully complete EMT-Basic before pursuing more advanced level training.. New York State certification is valid for 37 months.

A Certified First Responder can be with the fire service or police agency.
A CFR may the first responder on the scene and is trained to make assessments and provide some stabilizing medical assistance. They are trained to assist EMS providers, however, a CFR is not sufficient to staff an ambulance. A CRF must be 16 years of age and complete 48.5 hours of didactic/labs. This includes a medical and trauma overview and emergency childbirth. Certification includes passing the NYS practical skills examination and NYS First Responder certifying exam.

An Emergency Medical Technician is trained to provide basic level medical assistance in the field, staff an ambulance and provide transport. An EMT must be 18 years of age and successfully complete 135 hours of training, past the NYS practical skills examination and EMT certifying exam.

At each successive level, the EMT is certified to perform increasingly advanced medical interventions, as well as administer emergency pharmacology as it applies to the level of training. For instance, an EMT-Critical Care has proven skills at the EMT-Intermediate level in addition to endotracheal tube insertion, limited drug administration, ECG monitoring, dysrhythmia recognition and defibrillation. A minimum of 175-225 hours of didactic training plus 75 hours of clinical training and a clinical internship is required..

An EMT Paramedic is the most highly skilled emergency medical technician who can administer medical services to patients in the field. To achieve this level there is a minimum of 600 hours of didactic training, 300 hours of clinical training and successful completion of a 300 hour field internship.

EMT Certification/Recertification

Information on New York State certification, recertification and
reciprocal guidelines can be found at:

New York State EMS information:

Additional information on EMS and available training can be found at http://www.cnyems.org/

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