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Certificate of Residence in Onondaga County

WHO is eligible to apply for the Certificate of Residence in Onondaga County?
Onondaga County residents who plan to attend a SUNY/CUNY Community College outside Onondaga County.  The student must be a continuous, permanent resident of New York State for at least one (1) year and have resided in Onondaga County for at least one (1) month within the last six (6) months; based on the first day of the semester they are applying for.

Residents of Onondaga County who plan to attend Onondaga Community College need to prove residency to the college's Student Accounts Office located in the Gordon Student Center.  For more information, please call OCC at (315) 498-2367.

WHO is NOT eligible to apply for the Certificate to the Onondaga County Finance Department?
Residents of Onondaga County planning on attending
Onondaga Community College (please contact the college).
• Students living in Onondaga County for the purpose of attending college. Their legal address is that of their parent/guardian

who claims them on their New York income tax return or the student's residence prior to attending college.
• Members of the Armed Services serving here part-time on active duty. Their legal address is their former/permanent address.

WHEN can the Certificate be applied for?
No earlier than 60 days prior to and no later than 30 days after the start of the semester they are applying for. This must be applied for upon the start of every school year and is valid for one year from the date of issuance.  Students not sending proper documentation or not applying on a timely basis, will be responsible for the non-resident tuition rate. 

WHERE does one apply for a Certificate of Residence?                               
By Mail:   Onondaga County Finance Department               In Person:    Monday through Friday; 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
               John H. Mulroy Civic Center -15th Floor                                 
Phone: (315) 435-2426 / Fax: (315) 435-2421
              421 Montgomery Street                                                        * Notarized applications cannot be faxed.
               Syracuse, New York 13202


WHAT documents are needed?
1. An Application Form.  Print here, or it may be obtained from the college or at the Onondaga County Finance Department.

THE APPLICATION MUST BE NOTARIZED if it is sent by mail or if it is brought in by someone other than the student.

If the student is applying in person, we can notarize the form with valid, government-issued ID (ex. NY State License, Passport).  Relatives cannot notarize this document.
2. Documentary proof of residence for the past 1 year and current mail dated within 30 days.

This proof must be:
a. In the student's name.  Proof of parent's or guardian's address is not proof of where the student lives.
b. Physical address.   P.O. Boxes will not be accepted.
c. Dated at least one year ago in New York State and a minimum of 6 months in Onondaga County. If you've lived in New York State for the full year, but in Onondaga County for less than 6 months, please provide proof for all residences within the past year.
d. Preprinted. Handwritten or personal/professional affidavits will not be accepted as proof.

See the list below for acceptable proof.

                                           If address has not changed 2 proofs are required:

                                          One more than 1 year old & 1 less than 1 month old.

                  A 6 month old document would be required if student has moved with the above time period.

Acceptable Proof:
a. New York State Driver's License, Learner's Permit or State ID Card
b. Sheriff's ID (the expiration date is shown and is 5 years from the issue date) and
c. Voter's Registration Card or printout from the Board of Elections
(located at 1000 Erie Blvd. W. Syracuse, NY)

d. Parents' Income Tax Return filed the previous year claiming the student as a dependant (must be preprinted and prepared by          a Tax accountant).
e. Student's Income Tax Return filed the previous year (must be preprinted and prepared by a Tax accountant).
f. Payroll Stub, W-2
g. Bank Statement, Loan Agreement
h. Utility Bill, Doctor's bill
i. School Transcript(High School or College), Report Card, Registration, etc
j. Mortgage or Property Tax Bill
k. Car Registration, Insurance Card
l. Postmarked Mail

Unacceptable Proof:
a. Birth Certificate
b. High School/College ID
c. Passport
d. Personal/Professional Affidavits
e. Proof of Residency in Parents'/Guardians' names.
f. Social Security Card

WHY should a Certificate of Residence be completed?
Failure to submit a Certificate of Residence to the college may result in delayed registration and/or may cause the student to be charged the higher, Out-of-State (Non-Resident) tuition rate. The student is responsible for the timely completion of the application and submission to the County.
This document of residency provides proof to the college (in person or on-line) that the student resides within New York State, thereby charging the student the lower, In-State (Resident) tuition rate. When residency has been proven in Onondaga County for the past 6 months, the
County will then be charged the difference between the In-State (Resident) tuition and the Out-of-State (Non-Resident) tuition rates.

The Education Law pertaining to the Certificate of Residence:
You can view Education Law Article 126. Pertaining to Resident status is   Section 6301

Non-Resident [Out-of-County] and Out-of-State Students (Certificates of Residence) is    Section 6305

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