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The Onondaga County Drug Task Force (DTF) was created by combining several separate initiatives focused on substance use and addiction in the community. With membership from over 50 local agencies, the DTF has worked together over the past two years to prevent, treat, and reverse the current public health opioid crisis.



Three-pronged approach


The Taskforce has identified a comprehensive approach to addressing the opioid epidemic. Three main strategies include:

  1. Prevent heroin use, prescription drug misuse, addiction, and overdoses. Ensure safe drug disposal, implement appropriate prescribing practices, increase community awareness of the opioid crisis, and reduce the stigma associated with addiction.
  2. Treat substance abuse disorders. Provide timely access to treatment and recovery options, as well as appropriate linkages to follow-up care.
  3. Reverse opioid overdoses. Reduce the number of fatal overdoses through the effective use of naloxone, and ensure long-term support.


Each strategy requires a commitment from a number of different sectors. Figures 2 and 3 show examples of how some agencies are involved in distinct aspects of the three-pronged approach.

drug task force matrix




In order to successfully implement the three strategies, a subcommittee structure was developed within the Taskforce. Each subcommittee has two co-chairs, and meets every other month to advance subcommittee goals.

subcommittee structure


Since its creation, members of the DTF have worked collaboratively to:

  • Establish a county-wide program for Sharps Needles and Drug Disposal (SNADD)
  • Conduct medical provider education events
  • Host a large community forum on opioids in 2016
  • Develop a social marketing campaign on community awareness
  • Promote use of naloxone in the community
  • Plan buprenorphine training for providers
  • Identify community needs around treatment


In 2018, the DTF will focus on increasing awareness and education within the community. To join the DTF, or for more information, please contact Mariah Senecal-Reilly at MariahSenecal-Reilly@ongov.net.


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