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Agricultural Districts

New York’s Agricultural Districts Law, Article 25-AA PDF of the NYS Agriculture and Markets Law, was enacted in 1971 to help keep farmland in agricultural production.

Agricultural Districts are designed to protect agriculture through a combination of landowner incentives and protections that discourage the conversion of farmland to non-agricultural uses, including:

  • providing reduced property tax bills for agricultural lands - property owners must apply annually with their local assessor for an agricultural assessment
  • providing the framework to limit unreasonable local regulation on accepted agricultural practices
  • providing Right to Farm provisions that protect accepted agricultural practices from private nuisance suits
  • modifying state agency administrative regulations and procedures to encourage the continuation of agricultural businesses
  • modifying the ability to advance public funds to construct facilities that encourage development
  • preventing benefit assessments, special ad valorem levies, or other rates and fees on farmland for the finance of improvements such as water, sewer or nonfarm drainage
  • modifying the ability of public agencies to acquire farmland through eminent domain

Agricultural Districts primarily benefit owners of land that is farmed. Being part of an Agricultural District does not:

  • directly affect the use of land beyond existing requirements, for example, zoning
  • directly reduce or increase tax assessments—agricultural landowners can apply to the local tax assessor for an annual agricultural assessment

Eight-Year Reviews

Agricultural Districts are reviewed by the County and recertified by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets every eight years (schedule and District map below). During the review landowners can decide if they want their property to remain in the District, or be removed or added. Owners of property within the Agricultural District will receive a mailed written notice of review. Public notices and announcements are also published.  Click here to go to the Eight-Year Review page.

Annual Additions

Landowners can request to have their property added to an Agricultural District during the County's Annual Additions open enrollment. Property can only be removed from an Agricultural District during the eight-year review and certification process described above.  Click here to go to the Annual Additions page.


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Ag District

A Town of Onondaga farm
located in Agricultural District 1

Agricultural District maps are also
available in the Map Gallery.

Annual Agricultural District 
Enrollment Period:

Owners may request to add

property to any agricultural district during January 1-30.


Renewal of NYS Ag District 1

is now in process -

owners may request to add or remove property from Ag District 1 during January 1-30, 2018.




Completed Eight-Year Reviews

Agricultural District 4

2016 Eight-Year

Review and Recertification



Agricultural District 3

2014 Eight-Year

Review and Recertification



Agricultural District 2

2012 Eight-Year
Review and Recertification


Parcel List by Owner Name
Parcel List by Parcel ID

Agricultural District 1

2010 Eight-Year

Review and Recertification


Parcel List by Owner Name


Parcel List by Parcel ID


Completed Annual Additions

2016 Report

2016 Appendices

2015 Report

2015 Appendices

2014 Report

2014 Appendices

2013 Report

2013 Appendices

2012 Report

2012 Appendices

2011 Report

2011 Appendices

2010 Report

2010 Appendices



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