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WEP's Environmental Lab is fully certified.

An environmental laboratory is any facility that examines samples that include water, wastewater, ground water, recreational waters, leachate, land runoff, solid waste, hazardous waste, soil, sediments, as well as any constituent that could contribute to the pollution of these substances. The State of New York requires a Certificate of Approval for any environmental laboratory that examines or collects such samples for any state or local governmen agency.

Environmental laboratories, then, must conform to all requirements under which the approval is granted. Certification also means that the laboratory must meet the standards of accuracy and precision required by the certification agency. In WEP's lab's case, that agency is the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference.

Lab Nutrient Room

To maintain this certification, every laboratory undergoes annual unannounced state inspections and periodic proficiency testing throughout the year. Each certified analyte receives a separate rating and requires satisfactory performance to maintain certification until the next testing period.

Our environmental laboratory is certified for three categories—nonpotable water, potable water, and solid and hazardous waste. the laboratory continues to receive satisfactory scores for all chemistry proficiency tests.

These results highlight the dedication and professionalism of our laboratory staff and their outstanding efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data that we generate.


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