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WEP's Instrumentation Coordinator programs the SCADA system at Metro

How does WEP manage all the data at all the locations it is responsible for? The process control computer system known as SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) provides the following functions:

  • Monitors all of WEP's wastewater treatment plants and pump stations 24 hours a day. If any plant or station has a problem (such as power loss, high water flow), an employee is immediately notified so the problem can be promptly addressed.
  • Provides the ability to use its data at any location.

The SCADA system is adaptable and grows as treatment facilities grow or change. The SCADA system allows WEP to:

  • Maintain its computer hardware and software at a reasonable cost because it was built using industry-standard equipment.
  • Adapt to new technologies in the industry.

SCADA is constantly recording information regarding the treatment processes. This information is reviewed daily to ensure proper treatment operation. Trends are created from the data to predict potential problems and help to avoid them.

Major upgrade

In the late 1990s, it was evident that the existing computer system would become unable to provide the level of control essential to keep pace with the many improvement projects planned for Metro.

Therefore, a new computer system was designed to expand the monitoring of treatment processes and to improve the control capabilities of all of WEP's facilities.

The new operating system, now fully implemented, is a SCADA system (“supervisory control and data acquisition”). Importantly, it permits WEP personnel to control many of the treatment facilities and pump stations from remote locations. WEP now has up-to-date monitoring and control equipment to provide better management of the expanded wastewater treatment processes that have been implemented.

Sample screen image of SCADA system for Metropolitan Syracuse Wastewater Treatment Plant


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