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Facts about flooding

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To make improvements, provide ongoing maintenance, and stem chronic and seasonal flooding of selected urban streams, the Onondaga County Legislature created four WEP drainage districts back in the 1970s. They cover Harbor Brook and Meadowbrook (in the city of Syracuse), Bloody Brook (in the town of Salina and village of Liverpool), and Bear Trap/Ley Creek (in the towns of Dewitt and Salina, the Village of East Syracuse, and the City of Syracuse).

WEP monitors, maintains and repairs these urban waterways to insure that they protect nearby properties from flooding.

Q: Who do I call for drainage or flooding problems?
A: Within the Onondaga County Drainage Districts, call 435-3157 any time, day or night.

Q: When should I call?
A: Any time you experience flooding from one of the urban waterways listed above or if you have a question regarding one of the streams.

Q: Why am I required to pay flood insurance?
A: Flood insurance is mandatory for homes and businesses lying within the designated 100-year flood zone, as determined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The WEP drainage districts were created to reduce and mitigate the effects of frequent, chronic, and persistent seasonal flooding of properties along the streams listed above. Their levels of protection vary, but they do not protect vulnerable properties from the statistical 100-year storm.

Q: Who do I call for drainage or flooding problems outside the WEP service areas?
A: Contact your local municipality.


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