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Onondaga County
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Highway Paving

The Department of Transportation has approximately 800 centerline miles of roads. The roads are divided into two different categories, high volume roads and low volume roads. 

In 2007, The Department began using Pavement Preservation Techniques. These include lower cost initiatives to prolong the life cycle of the highways. The idea of this program is to keep the highways which are presently in good condition in the same condition. The Department will continue to mimic the NYDOT’s “Forward Four” program by employing Pavement Preservation Techniques on at least 90% of our maintenance paving projects. 

The Hot Mix Paving Program is reserved for high traffic volume County highways. The Department has determined that it is cost effective to periodically repave the wearing surface on its highways before the end of its useful life. This procedure extends the life of the roadway, thereby protecting the County’s investment. The repaving procedure also provides additional skid resistance and prevents water infiltration into the base. The shoulders on all highways under this program are stabilized with asphalt concrete. 

The Cold Mix Paving Program is implemented on low volume roads, as part of the capital plan to keep good cold mix roads in a state of good repair. The cold mix paving is designed to preserve and extend the life of pavement in order to have a lower cost preservation cycle on County highways. The program is intended to reduce maintenance cost on the highways too badly deteriorated to benefit from surface treatment application. 

The Surface Treatment Program is used to treat good cold mix roads to keep them in the current condition. The treatment process seals the surface of low volume highways while enhancing the traction and stopping abilities of the wearing course. The treatment also provides waterproofing to the road surface. The intent is to surface treat eligible highways on a five-year rotation basis. 

2023 Highway Plan

Buckley Road Paving                pAVING

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