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Campaign Finance

Article 14 of the New York State Election Law and Part 6200 of the Board's Rules and Regulations requires all candidates and political committees to file detailed financial disclosure statements if they raise or spend or expect to raise or spend more than $1,000 in a Campaign Cycle shall file such statements electronically with the State Board of Elections, or on paper if an exemption from electronic filing requirements has been granted by the State Board.

A Campaign Cycle is defined as the period after an election for a particular office, up to the next election for that office. (ie: The gubernatorial election is held every four years.  Therefore, the campaign cycle for the Office of Governor is four year, and begins the day after the last election for that office, up to the next election day for that office).

Candidates for Federal offices file their reports with the Federal Election Commission in Washington, D.C., while those running for state and local offices file with the State Board of Elections in Albany electronically.



For forms and downloads please visit the NYS Board of Elections website here


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