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Process Engineering Permits, Reports, & Fact Sheets

Baldwinsville-Seneca Knolls

Permits, Reports, & Fact Sheets

(Effective beginning, July 1, 2014, and expires on, June 30, 2019.)
















Baldwinsville-Seneca Knolls Wastewater Treatment Plant

Service Areas

The Baldwinsville-Seneca Knolls (BSK) WWTP construction was completed in 1982, replacing a number of treatment plants serving the towns and villages on both sides of the Seneca River. These older, deficient plants were converted to pump stations to convey the flow to the new advanced WWTP and thereby improve the water quality downstream. The BSK WWTP also allowed for more housing developments in the area with sewers and more pump stations. There are now 23 pump stations in Baldwinsville, Radisson, Seneca Knolls, Interstate Island, and River Mall serving 36,000 residents. The wastewater is essentially all residential, since the few businesses and industries are not significant water users. Improvements were made to the plant in 2002, and include variable-speed influent pumps, PLC process controllers, and an odor control system.

Baldwinsville WWTP Service Area Map



FACT SHEET: Baldwinsville-Seneca Knolls Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)

Treatment Process Description

The Baldwinsville-Seneca Knolls Waste Water Treatment Plant is a 9 MGD design facility located in the Town of Lysander along the shore of the Seneca River. The influent flow averages 3 MGD, and undergoes preliminary, primary, and advanced secondary treatment. Pure oxygen generated onsite intensifies the activated sludge process, which consistently removes over 95% of the BOD and Suspended Solids. The addition of ferrous chloride affects the chemical precipitation of phosphorous, which is a very important nutrient to keep out of the receiving waters. The treatment process is enhanced further in the warm weather to include nitrification and seasonal disinfection. The biosolids generated are treated in pure oxygen aerobic digesters and dewatered by belt-presses prior to transportation to a landfill.

Treatment Process Flow Diagram

B'ville WWTP Process Flow Diagram

Treatment Plant Specifications & Data

Baldwinsville WWTP Specs & Plant Data



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