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Posters - Learn about the Lake

The Ambient Monitoring Program of Onondaga County WEP has developed posters to inform residents about the lake's condition—especially its fish communities. You may download the posters for printing here.

Note: The size of the file for each poster is listed below to let you estimate download times:
> Click on thesize you wish to download.
> Click on the small image for the information.

Fish of Onondaga Lake

"Fish of Onondaga Lake"


40" x 24"  1.65 MB


Onondaga Lake Food Web

“Onondaga Lake Food Web”

14´´x8½´´ 861 KB

Background information
Largemouth Bass Life Cycle

“Life Cycle of the Largemouth Bass”

14´´x8½´´ 621 KB

More posters to download with information about Onondaga Lake:
Largemouth bass 8½´´x11´´ 244 KB
Larval fish 8½´´x11´´ 269 KB
Pumpkinseed fish 8½´´x11´´ 260 KB
Smallmouth bass 8½´´x11´´ 240 KB
Walleye 8½´´x11´´ 279 KB
Yellow perch 8½´´x11´´ 223 KB
Onondaga navigation map 8½´´x11´´ 6.7 MB


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