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Single Point of Access (SPOA)

Theresa Hoffmann,

Program Manager

315-435-7711 Ext 4696



Changes: Effective October 2023, All SPOA referrals and supporting documentation MUST be submitted electronically through the link below.



SPOA- Single Point of Access for individuals with serious psychiatric disabilities
that are in need of specific mental health services.

The SPOA Team determines eligibility and priority status according to NYS
Office of Mental Health (OMH) criteria.

Services Accessed Through SPOA:

  1. OMH Congregate Care, Apartment Treatment Residential and Supported Housing Programs
  2. Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)
  3. Non-Medicaid Case Management (NMCM) for Individuals With Serious Mental Illness who are not Medicaid eligible
  4. Health Home Plus services

SPOA Eligibility for OMH Residential Programs:

OMH residential programs are made available to individuals who meet the below eligibility criteria.


In order to be considered an adult with a serious mental illness, "1" below must be met, in addition to either "2", "3", or "4":

1. Have a designated Mental Health diagnosis and be over the age of 18 years. Cannot be an alcohol or drug disorder, organic brain syndrome, developmental disabilities or social condition.


2. SSI or SSDI due to Mental Illness The individual is currently enrolled in SSI/SSDI due to a designated mental illness.


3. Extended Impairment in Functioning due to Mental Illness: Documentation that the individual has experienced two of the four functional limitations, found on the referral form, due to a designated mental illness over the past 12 months on a continuous or intermittent basis.


4. Reliance on Psychiatric Treatment, Rehabilitation and Supports. A documented history shows that the individual at some prior time met the threshold for 3 (above), but the symptoms and/or functioning problems are currently attenuated by medication or psychiatric rehabilitation and supports.


Priority will be given to OMH high priority candidates referred by or discharging from OMH facilities.

Applicants must meet Medicaid medical necessity criteria due to their psychiatric clinical condition in order to meet High Priority Status. These criteria include the following:

  • Two or more psychiatric hospitalizations and/or 5 ER visits due to a serious psychiatric condition within the previous 18-24 months.
  • Must meet Social Security total disability criteria for SSI/SSD based on the functional impairments caused by their psychiatric condition.


Not Eligible Conditions:

Disorders due to alcohol/drug use, dementia, organic brain syndromes, developmental disabilities, neurocognitive disorders, general medical conditions or social conditions.

Examples of Eligible Diagnoses:

    • Major Depressive Disorder, recurrent, severe (not from substance use or medical condition)
    • Bipolar I or II Disorder, severe, may be with rapid cycling or psychotic features
    • Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorder (Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective) and Psychotic Disorders
      (not from substance use)

SPOA Process Change Effective October 13, 2023

All SPOA referrals must be submitted electronically. Please complete the form below and submit with all supporting documentation. No incomplete referrals will be processed.

SPOA Referral Form

SPOA Authorization for Release of Information


Optional Consents

Social Security Administration Consent


CNY HMIS Consent

DOH (Substance use, Mental Health and HIV/AIDS) Consent

OMH Authorization- Blank Consent

Questions: 315-435-7711 ext.4696

Onondaga County
Mental Health Services – 10th Floor
421 Montgomery Street
10th Floor Civic Center
New York 13202

Encrypted Email: AdultSPOA@ongov.net


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