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The New York State Office for the Aging ( NYSOFA) and Department of Health (DOH) are working collaboratively to restructure our current long term care system. These state resources envision a long term care system that supports the consumer’s choice and independence and provides affordable services that meet their individual needs.

NY Connects Onondaga
To fulfill this vision, each county in New York state has been challenged to improve upon their current long term care resources. In Onondaga County, the Department of Aging & Youth and the Department of Long Term Care have formed a partnership to fulfill this goal. The resulting collaboration is NY Connects Onondaga County, a single resource providing information and assistance, needs screenings, and public education to potential consumers of long term care and their caregivers.

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What is "Long Term Care"?
Long Term Care refers to medical and non-medical support services needed to improve or maintain ones' health and/or daily function. Such services may be provided in individuals' homes or other community-based and residential settings. Consumers of long term care services include adults and children with disabilities and the elderly.

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