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NY Connects Services

New York Connects Onondaga offers a variety of services to potential consumers of long term care and their caregivers. The three main services provided by NY Connects Onondaga are Information and Assistance, "No Wrong Door" Screens and Public Education through Community Outreach.

Information and Assistance

NY Connects primarily assists Onondaga County residents and their families in determining what services or programs are available to them and which ones meet their needs most appropriately. It is a locally-based "No Wrong Door" syNYC Cherstem that provides one-stop access to free, objective, comprehensive information and assistance for people of all ages needing long term services and supports.


NY Connects provides personalized counseling to help consumers make informed decisions and can assist in accessing available long term care services and support options to meet existing or future long term services
and support needs.


Information and assistance is available in various ways including:

  • Telephone
  • Face-to-face meetings in the your home or at our office
  • Email

"No Wrong Door" Screens

The "No Wrong Door" Screen is the New York State designated tool that identifies the following:

1. Individual and/or caregiver needs
2. Resources and available supports (e.g., caregivers and other supports)
3. Possible financial/programmatic eligibility for Medicaid and other public benefits
4. Type of services and resources that may best meet the needs of the individual
and/or caregiver



There are many options available to Onondaga County residents and NY Connects Onondaga can help explain the process and assist individuals in making the best decisions.






For More Information Contact NY Connects of Onondaga County 315-435-1400

Public Education Through Community Outreach

Public education and outreach are conducted to increase the visibility of the program and to educate consumers that Long Term Care Services and Supports are available to those of all ages and in many settings.

NYS 2NY Connects aims to educate consumers to take ownership of their own care, and make informed decisions that will best suit their unique needs.

NY Connects long term care literature will be available at many public locations including libraries, healthcare facilities, social service agencies, and businesses. In addition, consumers may request information by calling NY Connects of Onondaga County at: 315-435-1400.

NY Connects staff will work within our communities to provide a variety of educational presentations and trainings. These presentations cover a variety of topics including information about general health.

If you are interested in hosting a presentation at your business or community organization, please call NY Connects at: 315-435-1400.

NY Connects of
Onondaga County
421 Montgomery Street
5th Floor Civic Center Syracuse,
New York 13202
(315) 435-1400
(800) 342-9871

Aging Services

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