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Welcome to the Onondaga County
Office for Aging

Department of Adult & Long Term Care Services

Aging Services Mission:
To support a comprehensive system of services for senior citizens, caregivers and families through advocacy, planning, coordination, direct services and program funding. Our services are helping families and individuals remain safe and productive members of their communities, building a stronger Onondaga County for all of us.

Our Long Term Goals Include:

• Increase access to a comprehensive and coordinated system of services for older people, (especially those in greatest social and economic need) in order to enable them to remain in a safe and appropriate living environment.

• Develop and support preventive health and wellness activities to promote healthy older adults.

• Strengthen our leadership and advocacy role, and recognition, in the community as the primary source for information on programs and services, major trends, problems and causes, best practices, and funding resources relating to older adults.



New to Medicare FREE Seminar
September 21, 2016 6:30 to 8:30 pm
St. Joseph's Church in Camillus

New to Medicare Seminar September 2016


Click On this Line for a New to Medicare Seminar September 2016 Flyer



National Falls Prevention Awareness Day is September 22, 2016


Join Us! Click On this Line for a Falls Awareness Day 2016 Flyer

Falls Prevention Awareness Day 2016





Transportation providers and other interested parties are hereby notified that the Onondaga County Department of Adult and Long Term Care Services/Office for Aging, 421 Montgomery St., 10th Floor, Syracuse, NY 13202, is applying for a grant, under Section 5310 of Chapter 53 of Title 49, United States Code, for funding to enhance existing transportation programs designed to assist seniors and persons with disabilities in areas of Onondaga County. The service area includes the City of Syracuse and the County of Onondaga.


The purpose of this notice is to invite private for-profit bus, taxi and other interested parties to participate in the development of proposed grant project(s) and in the provision of enhanced transportation services to elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities.


Please contact JoAnne Spoto Decker, Department of Adult and Long Term Care Services at 315-435-2362 within 15 calendar days of this public notice to request a copy of the project(s) proposed. Comments on proposed projects must be submitted to Lisa D. Alford, Commissioner, Onondaga County Department of Adult and Long Term Care Services, in care of JoAnne Spoto Decker, at the above referenced address, within 15 calendar days after receipt of the proposed project information.

Helping Seniors Stretch Their Dollars

On Monday February 29th from 5-6:30 pm the Office for Aging was highlighted on CNY Central during a call-in segment hosted by Laura Hand. The purpose was to highlight the products and services we offer that can help seniors stretch their dollars.

Pete Headd, Deputy Commissioner Onondaga County Department of Adult & Long Term Care Services, Executive Director, Office for Aging, JoAnne Spoto Decker, Director, Community Services and Long Term Care, Maria Mahar, Project Director, Nutrition Services and Registered Dietician, Larry Mathews, Program Coordinator, Community Services and HEAP (Home Energy Assistance Program) and Myrna Koldin, Aging Services Specialist, HIICAP (Health Insurance Information Counseling & Assistance Program) worked the phones. They rang, non-stop, with area seniors eager to find answers to their concerns.

Click on the link below to view a clip of the on-air interviews. (courtesy of CNY central.com)


Office for Aging Helps Seniors Save Money


Helping Seniors Stretch Their Dollars. Office for Aging Staff hosts a televised call-in show for our area Seniors. Click on the link below the photo to view the highlights.

Channel 3

Office for Aging On NBC Channel 3 with Laura Hand 10/19/15


Newsmakers with Dan Cummings

Lisa Alford and Myrna Koldin Discuss the 50th Anniversary of Medicare and Medicaid. August 2, 2015 on Newsmakers with Dan Cummings.


Heat Safety Tips For Seniors:

Heat Safety Tips for Older Adults

Onondaga County Senior Centers


Office for Aging
421 Montgomery Street

10th Floor Civic Center
Syracuse, New York 13202
(315) 435-2362



Resource Guide
Institute for Care Givers
Senior Centers and Groups
Home Energy Assistance Program
Step Up To Stop Falls


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