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Customer Service Contacts

During normal business hours Monday-Friday 0800-1600

These individuals should be contacted [315.435.7911] for each listed area

After normal business hours

The On-Duty Shift Supervisor should be contacted if it is of an urgent nature


System Owner Email Address or phone number
Alarm Center Sub updates etc Ed Healy edhealy@ongov.net
Alpha Paging-MetroCall Steve Salmons stevesalmons@ongov.net
ANI-ALI Database Issues Keith Ducett keithducett@ongov.net
Audio Reviews Emergency On Duty Shift Suprv Call Supervisors Desk
Audio Reviews Non Complaint John Deisz johndeisz@ongov.net
Audio Reviews Personnel  Complaint Shift Supervisor Call Supervisors Desk
AVL Issues Kevin Spraker kevinspraker@ongov.net
CAD Kevin Spraker kevinspraker@ongov.net
Hyper-Reach Arpil Smith aprilsmith@ongov.net
Field Comm Unit Chuck Combs chuckcombs@ongov.net
Fire Station Printer Kevin Spraker kevinspraker@ongov.net
Mapping, Street files Common places Keith Ducett keithducett@ongov.net
MDT Passwords Shift Supervisor Call Supervisors Desk
MobileData ,MDT'S Kevin Spraker kevinspraker@ongov.net
Netviewer Kevin Spraker kevinspraker@ongov.net
NYSPIN Tech Issues Ed Healy edhealy@ongov.net
OCICS Radio System Sean Sparks seansparks@ongov.net
OCICS Training Maryanne Calogero Maryannecalogero@ongov.net
Operations Day to Day Issues Shift Supervisor Call Supervisors Desk
Policy and Procedure  Ben Rinaldi benjaminrinaldi@ongov.net
Special Situations Keith Ducett keithducett@ongov.net
Radio Alias Changes Scott McInnis scottmcinnis@ongov.net
Radio Problems Sean Sparks seansparks@ongov.net
Radio Statistics Scott McInnis scottmcinnis@ongov.net
Response plans Police, Fire, EMS Steve Salmons stevesalmons@ongov.net
SFD VHF Alerting  Sean Sparks seansparks@ongov.net
Paging (Text messaging) Steven Salmons stevesalmons@ongov.net
UHF Paging for CFC/EMS Sean Sparks seansparks@ongov.net
Unit File Updates-Police Kevin Spraker kevinspraker@ongov.net
Unit FileUpdates-Fire Steve Salmons stevesalmons@ongov.net
VOIP Testing & Routing Issues Steve Salmons stevesalmons@ongov.net
Wireless Testing & Routing Issues Steve Salmons stevesalmons@ongov.net


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