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Historical Records
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Welcome to the Onondaga County archival records listing. It has been our desire to bring together a listing of all records of archival or historical value in one on-line location. As lead agent in this inter-governmental cooperative project, the Onondaga County Clerk is coordinating this county-wide effort. Ultimately, we hope to include all county, town, village and city listings on this web site. It is our objective to increase access to these records for public and administrative use.

We also wish to thank the New York State Archives who provided funding through the Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund (LGRMIF). We also express sincere appreciation to the participating local governments for their dedication and cooperation in making this project a reality.

The individual records listed in this database are held at the respective local government offices. Each local government has different ways of listing and accessing their records internally. Please confer with the particular Clerk or other official for specific information regarding your search.

Database Headings

Each listing contains the following headings:

Series Title: Identifies the title of each record series.
Years: The span of years of each records series.
Cubic Footage: The quantity of records in cubic feet.
Department: Department or office of local government who created each records series (i.e. Town Clerk, Supervisor, Police Department, etc.).

Definition of abbreviations:

AC: Town Accountant LG: Local Government Records
Management Improvement Fund (LGRMIF)
AS: Assessor PL: Planning Department
BK: Bookkeeper PD: Police Department
BO: Budget Officer PY: Planning & Development
BZ: Building and Zone Department PR: Parks & Recreation
CE: Code Enforcement SV: Supervisor
CP: Comptroller SD: School District
CY: County SY: Secretary
DO: Development & Operations Code Enforcement TA: Town Attorney
FC: Fire Commissioner TC: Town Clerk
FD: Fire Department TH: Town Hall
F$: Finance Department TR: Tax Receiver
HS: Historian/Historical Society VC: Village Clerk
HW: Highway Department WA: Water Authority (OCWA)
JS: Justice Department WD: Water Department
LB: Town Library ZD: Zoning Department

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