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Village of Baldwinsville Clerk Archival Records Listing

The Village of Baldwinsville was established in 1847. It has an approximate size of 2.8 square miles. It is located between the Town of Van Buren and the Town of Lysander. The main routes of travel are NYS-370, 48, and 31. Running through the center of the village is the Seneca River and the Erie Canal. Baldwinsville is a prospering industrial and residential community. The tremendous amount of water power supplied by the Seneca River provided endless energy to operate the many mills of the past, as well as industries today. In 1997, Baldwinsville celebrated its 150th anniversary. When visiting in the area, take the time to enjoy its many fine restaurants and historical sites, and be sure to visit Seneca River Days, an annual festival held on the weekend of July 13, sponsored by the Rotary Club.

Series Title Years Cubic Ft. Dept. Comments
Architectural Drawings, Maps, and Photos 1911-Present 5.62 VC  
Assessment Roles, Final 1912, 1947-1953 0.02 VC  
Assessor's Field notes 1954, 1957-59 2.24 VC  
Abstract of Disbursements/ Claims and Warrants (Vouchers) 1963-1972 1.12 VC  
Accounting Register (revenue, water, sewer, refuse, and misc. receipts) 1989-1994 1.12 VC  
Bonds and Notes 1922-Present 3.86 VC Years 1922-1955 are kept in the vault
Easements 1986-1990 0.01 VC  
Economic & Industrial Development 1964-1973 1.12 VC Includes; development study files
Election Records/Notice of Elections 1932-1949 0.01 VC  
Election Files 1962-1991 2.75 VC  
Insurance Policies: Health 1980-1992 1.12 VC  
Insurance Information, Firefighter (volunteer) 1992-1996 0.83 VC  
Legal Files 1980-1994 4.6 VC  
Logs, (Water Supply & Waste Water Treatment) 1938-1992 1.12 VC  
Minutes: Village Board 1848-1924, 1934-1988 3.5 VC Kept in the vault
Oaths of Office 1930-1947 0.01 VC  
Petitions 1928-1947, 1950-1974 1.2 VC  
  Permits: Building 1927-1964 1.12 VC  
  Permits: Burial 1968-1991 1.12 VC  
Property Assessments 1960-1989 4 VC  
  Tax: Collection Records (tax bills/receipts registers) 1977-Present 6 VC  
  Tax: Rolls 1989-1999 12 VC  
  Tax: Ledgers 1866-Present 4 VC 1866-1911 are in the vault
Totals for Historic Records (Village of Baldwinsville) 1848-Present

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