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Historical Records
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Village of Fayetteville Clerk Archival Records Listing

The Village of Fayetteville was established in 1844. It has an approximate size of 1.7 square miles. It is located west of Syracuse, north of Manlius and south of Minoa. The main routes of travel are US 5 (Genesee St.) and NYS 257. In the 1600’s, the Iroquois Indians occupied the land until the first settlers came. Its name was derived in honor of General Lafayette. The construction of the Erie Canal began in 1817, completed in 1825, and this opened up many new opportunities for all the area businesses. In the 1840’s, Fayetteville was a popular visiting spot for anti-slavery leaders and speakers who backed the abolition of slavery. One resident of fame was Matilda Joslyn Gage, a leader for the movement for woman’s suffrage. She spoke at the Women’s Rights Convention in 1852 and she was also the first woman to vote in Fayetteville. Mrs. Gage’s youngest daughter married the now famous L. Frank Baum, creator of the Wizard of Oz.

Series Title
Years Cubic Ft. Dept. Comments
Assessment Rolls, Final 1975-1989 2   Computerized from 1989 to Present, see also town of Manlius
Bonds and Notes 1966-Present 1 VC Bonds
Budget, Village 1988-1993 Computerized VC Financials, also see Minutes-Village Board
Capitol Construction / Public Improvement Projects 1958-Present 1 VC Includes; Storm Sewers, Reservoir, repaving, sidewalks, Fences, Buildings, Dam, and Curbs
Case Files, Legal        
Reports For Attorney 1951-1989 1 VC  
  Legal Actions 1953-1990 4 VC Includes but not limited to: individual cases, claims against village, and Zoning Board
Claims, Legal 1979-1994 1 VC See also Case Files, Legal
Election Records 1980-1984 0.5 VC  
Historic Preservation Records 1962-Present 1 VC Parks/Historic Review
Minutes, Village Board 1956-1990 1 VC Includes: General ledger (1975-84, 1986-95, annual reports (1956-86) & budgets (1965-1973), and zoning review/mortorium (1990)
Tax Roll, Warrant Copy 1992-1997 1.5 VC Tax Rolls
Tax liens Sales Records 1930-1990 1 VC  
Totals for Historical Records (Village of Fayetteville)

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