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Historical Records
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Village of Camillus Clerk Archival Records Listing

The Village of Camillus was established in 1852. It has an approximate area of 0.37 square miles and is located Southwest of Syracuse and East of Elbridge. It is within the borders of the Town of Camillus. The main routes of travel are NYS-route 695 via US-5. The Village of Camillus was named for Marcus Firius Camillus. On January 17, 1852 a call for a Free Soil meeting in Camillus Village had three hundred and thirty-six signers, and the meeting has been claimed as the first in the United States distinctly on the lines of what later became the Republican Party. It opposed the Fugitive Slave law and the admission of slave states.
Source: Village & Town of Camillus and rootsweb.com

Series Title Years Cubic Ft. Dept. Comments
Architectural Drawings, maps, Plans & Photos 1883-Present 3 VC  
Assessment Rolls, Final 1908-Present 5 VC  
Audit, NYS Comptrollers 1925-Present 0.1 VC  
Budget, Village 1957-Present 0.3 VC  
Building & Property 1948-Present 0.05 VC  
Case Files, Legal 1949-1963 2 VC  
Census Records 1998, 1906 0.1 VC  
Community Development & Urban Renewal 1982-Present 5 VC  
Election Records 1915-1956, 1967-Present 0.5 VC See also Minutes
Election, register of voters 1903-1907 0.05 VC  
Grants and Awards 1995-Present 0.5 VC See Community Development & Urban Renewal
Laws, Zoning 1976-Present 1.12 VC  
Minutes, Other (list Separately)        
Minutes, Planning Board 1983-Present 0.1 VC See also Village Board Minutes
  Minutes, Village Board 1985-Present 2.24 VC  
  Minutes, Zoning Board 1982-Present 0.1 VC See also Village Board Minutes
Notices of Election       See Election Records
Oaths of Office 1959, 1988 0.1 VC  
Officials, Listing of 1909-Present 0.03 VC  
Property Leases and Transfers 1974-Present 1.12 VC  
  Annual, Final, or Special 1922-Present 1.5 VC Annual Reports
Rights-of-Way 1912-Present 0.2 VC  
Totals for Historical Records (Village of Camillus)

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