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Historical Records
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Town of Clay Clerk Archival Records Listing

The Town of Clay was established in the year 1827. It has an an approximate size of 49.3 square miles. It is located on the northern edge of Onondaga County on the Oneida River and on its west edge is the Seneca River. The main routes of travel are State Routes 481 and 31. It’s name came from the great compromiser, Henry Clay. Three Rivers, which is in the center of the town, was the Center of the Iroquois Confederacy. In 1824, the oldest Lutheran Church in Onondaga County was built in Clay. Two active, early Hamlets were Belgium and Euclid (formally Clay Corners). The Indians were active in two other areas, Oak Orchard Reefs, and Schroeppels Bridge. Legend has it that at Orchard Reefs, a massacre of Indians took place, and is the site of extensive Indian Burials. Since its establishment, Clay has steadily been one of the fastest growing towns in all of New York State.

Series Title Years Cubic Footage Department Comments
Accounts of Town Officers 1828-1917 0.6 TC Cash books, 1828-1856, 1857-1858, 1865-1891, 1873-1889, 1867, 1866-1909, 1884-1892, 1889-1917
Accounts of Town Supervisor 1889-1918 0.4 TC 2 volumes
Audit, NYS Comptrollers 1943-1986 1 TC  
Bonds and Notes 1961-Present 1 TC Gaps in years
Budget, Town 1947,1950,1954-Present 2 TC  
Docket Books 1844-1848 0.1 TC  
Cemetery and Burial Records 1943-1988 1 TC Pine Plains Cemetery
District Reference Files        
Drainage 1960-Present 13 TC  
  Lighting 1960-Present 4 TC  
  Public Utilities 1960-Present 14 TC  
  Sewer 1960-Present 22 TC  
  Water 1960-Present 13 TC  
Election Records 1980-Present 4.5 TC Referendums, Notices of Election, Voter Registration
Grants and Awards 1994 0.1 TC Consult records inventory to locate
Highway and Transportation Structure History File   4 TC Highway Dedication Deeds
Justice Book 1828-1829, 1832-1857 0.4 TC Old bound volume
Justice Court 1871-1895 0.2 TC Old bound volume
Laws, Local 1964-Present 2 TC  
Maps, Zoning 1955-Present 2 TC, ZD Other located at Zoning Dept
  Planning Board 1957-Present 2 TC  
  Town Board 1836-1898, 1910-Present 20 TC  
  Zoning Board of Appeal 1966-Present 1 TC  
Oaths of Office 1959-Present 0.2 TC  
Officials, Listing of   0.1 TC See Town Board Minute Books or contact Code Enforcement
Overseers of the Poor & Welfare Records 1827-1899, 1832-1850 0.8 TC 4 old bound volumes
Permit Files, Building 1955-Present 71 TC  
Plans, Disaster Preparedness 1993 0.2 TC  
Publications, Official   1 TC Zoning Book, Town map, Drainage, standard and Zoning Maps
Records Book 1857-1897 0.2 TC Old bound volume
Records of Town of Clay 1859-1909 0.2 TC Old bound volume
  Financial Reports, Annual 1947, 1950-Present 2 TC  
Rights-of-Way (Easements) 1948-Present 4 TC  
School District Records 1888-1944 0.2 TC Bound volumes
Special Franchise Records (Time Warner Cable) 1975-Present 1 TC  
Vital Statistics        
  Marriage Records 1877-Present 8 TC  
Voter Registration Records   0.2 TC 3-ring notebook
Zoning Files, Change of 1955-Present 18 TC  
Totals for Historical Records (Dates and Cubic Footage) 1828- Present 215.4

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