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Historical Records
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Town of Spafford Clerk Archival Records Listing

The settlement of the town of Spafford and the legal formation of the county of Onondaga were very nearly contemporaneous. Both occurred in 1794, the latter in the spring, the former during the autumn. Previously the territory under consideration was often the scene of Indian gatherings and hunting expeditions. Game was abundant in the heavy forests, which canopied the fertile soil. The beautiful lakes of Skaneateles on the west and Otisco on the east swarmed with fish and whose banks furnished many favored deer-licks. Its varying landscape of hill and dale acquired renown among the tribes of the Onondagas, the Cayugas, and the Senecas, and subsequently among emigrants from Eastern New York and New England. This town enjoys the distinction of having more lakefront than any other town in the county, and its scenery was and still is beautiful and picturesque. The highest elevation, which is also the highest point in the county, is Ripley Hill, in the southern part, which is 1,982 feet above tidewater and 1,122 feet above the water of Skaneateles Lake.

Series Title Years Cubic Footage Department Comments
Application, H.U.D. Federal Assistance 2000 0.1 TC Computer listing
Appraisal, Accessioning or Transfer of Archival Records 1994 0.1 TC  
Architectural Drawings, Maps, Plans & Photos 1985, 1999 1 TC  
Audit, NYS Comptrollers 1943-Present 1 TC  
Bonds and Notes 1934-Present 1.2 TC  
Budget, Annual or Special (Town Budget) 1960-Present 9 TC  
Case Files, Legal 1988-Present 0.3 TC  
Docket Books 1859-Present 15 TC Old bound volumes
Burial Permits 1919-Present 2 TC 3 cemeteries, for additional info see Historical Society
Correspondence or Administrative Files 1998-Present 5 TC  
Election Records 1967-Present 0.5 TC In vault (notices of Election included)
Equalization Rate Certificates 1972-Present 0.2 TC  
Government Establishment and Reorganization Files 1837 0.1 TC 2 pages on when town was put together
Hazardous Waste Disposal Records 1995 1 TC Landfill, Transfer station, dump
Laws, Local 1971-Present 1.5 TC See Town Board Minute Books for records before 1971
Maps, Flood Insurance 1974 0.5 TC  
Maps, Zoning 1973 0.2 TC  
Minutes, Town Board 1837-Present 1.5 TC 6 bound volumes
Minutes, Zoning Board of Appeal 1996-Present 0.5 TC 1 bound volume
Mortgages, Chattel & Indexes/Files 1882-1964 2 TC Old bound volumes
Oath of Office 1973 0.5 TC (1) 3-ring notebook
Officials, Listing of 1837-Present 1 TC See Town Board Minute Books
Personnel Records 1975-Present 2.5 TC Timecards
Plans, Disaster Preparedness 1980-Present 0.1 TC  
Population, Certificate of 1990 0.1 TC  
Property Record Cards 1986 6 TC  
Publications, Official        
Town Zoning Regulation Book   0.1 TC  
Real Property Acquisition Files 1989-Present 6 TC Transfer of Deeds
  Supervisor's Reports, Final Annual 1981-Present 8 TC Annual Financial Reports
Street and Address Change Records 1973 0.4 TC  
Special Franchise Records 1965-Present 0.5 TC Telephone, Power
Subdivision Records 1985, 1980 0.4 TC Singing Woods, Bacon Hill
Tax Rolls 1910-Present 15 TC Old bound volumes, oversize
Vital Statistics, Marriage Records 1908-Present 1.5 TC Old bound volumes, oversize
Voter Registration Records 1921-1987 1 TC  
Zoning Files, Change of 1994-1995 0.1 TC See Zoning Records
Zoning Records 1973 0.5 TC Spiral Notebooks
Totals for Historical Records (Dates and Cubic Footage) 1837-Present 86.4

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