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Historical Records
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Town of Van Buren Clerk Archival Records Listing

The Town of Van Buren was set off from Camillus March 26, 1829. It was named in honor of President Martin Van Buren who was then governor of New York State. Half of the Village of Baldwinsville lies in Van Buren, plus the hamlets of Warners and Memphis. Located on the Southern banks of the Seneca River, The Town of Van Buren is home to lock #24, which is among the busiest in the 524-mile Historic Erie Canal System. This river has been the life-blood of the community since its earliest days. Today's Van Buren and area communities offer many services and amenities, which make it an attractive place in which to work and live.

Series Title Years Cubic Footage Department Comments
Application, Heritage Area (NYS Parks, Rec & Hist Pres) 1969-1991 0.3 TC  
Appraisal, Accessioning or Transfer of Archival Record Files 1992-1993 1 TC Inventory sheets of record in TC vault
Architectural Drawings, Maps, Plans & Photos 1993-Present 2 TC Expansion, unsuccessful bids
Assessment Rolls 1992-Present 3 AS  
Audit, NYS Comptrollers1941-1998 1941-1998 1 TC  
Bonds and Notes 1950-Present 6 TC  
Budget, Town 1971-Present 1.5 TC  
Cemetery Law 1983      
Census Records 1990 0.2 TC  
Community Development & Urban Renewal 1977-Present 2 TC Community Development and Shape-up programs
Correspondence or Administrative Files 1992-Present 0.3 TC  
District Reference Files        
Sewer 1989-1995 1 TC  
  Water 1924-Present 7 TC  
Election Records 1932--1956, 1990-Present 1.3 TC 1932-1956, 1990-Present
General Ledgers 1948-1992 7 BK Bookkeeping/Accounting
Grants and Awards 1992-2000 0.4 LG, TC LGRMIF, inactive records, 1992-1993, 1999-2000
Hazardous Waste Disposal Records Prior-1955   TA Landfill Closure Records ( The Town Attorney's office has records prior to 1995)
Hazardous Waste Disposal Records 1995-Present 1.5 TC  
Highway Transportation Structure History File 1927-1964 1 HW Highway Records
Inventory, Natural Resource 1979 0.3 TC  
Journal Entries 1993, 1994 2 BK Bookkeeping/Accounting
Laws, Local 1960-Present 0.7 TC  
Manual of Procedures1987 1987 0.2 TC Manual of Procedures in Disciplinary Actions
  Flood Insurance (Study) 1977-1978 1 TC  
  Zoning   4 CD Codes (Bldg & Zoning)
  Planning Board 1958-Present 1.5 BZ  
  Town Board 1829-Present 8 TC *(Budgets in Books- private to 1971 ) *
  Zoning Board of Appeal 1966-Present 2.5 BZ  
Mortgages, Chattel 1849-1883 0.3 TC  
Oaths of Office 1959-Present 0.4 TC  
Permit Files, Building 1971-1985 1 BZ  
Personnel 1930-Present 26 BK Timesheets--1996-Present, Payroll--1930-Present
Plan, Comprehensive 1968 0.3 TC  
Planning 1958-Present   BZ  
Plans, Disaster Preparedness 1994 0.2 TC Emergency Management Plan
Property Record Cards 1929-1977 1 AS  
Publications, Official   0.5 TC Town map, Zoning Book
Referendum Records 1966-1978 2 TC 1966-1967, 1973-1978
  Environmental Impact 1955-1991 3 TC 1955, 1976-1992, 1991
  Financial Reports, Annual 1930-Present 2 CP, TC  
Rights-of-Way (Easements) 1960-Present 2 HW (Highway Records)
School District Records 1894-1949 0.3 TC  
Tax Rolls 1871-Present 34 TC Review of Taxes (RT)
Television Records, LARGE Public Access 1965-Present 1.5 TC  
Vital Statistics        
  Marriage Records 1928-Present 3 TC RESTRICTED, Marriage Registrar 1885-1908
Vouchers 1996-Present 18 TC  
Zoning (Misc. tiles) 1918-1984   BZ  
Zoning Ordinances 1955-Present 0.3 TC  
Zoning Variance or Special Permit Files 1971-Present 24 BZ Most current record kept by Building and Zoning Dept.
Totals for Historical Records (Dates and Cubic Footage) 1829-Present 176.5


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