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Historical Records
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Village of Jordan Clerk Archival Records Listing

Jordan was incorporated on May 2, 1835. It has an approximate area of 1.04 square miles. It was an Erie Canal village also a former center of trade and manufacturing- situated in the Northwest section of the Town of Elbridge. The opening of the Erie Canal in 1825 gave a stimulus to the village of Jordan, where a saw mill had been built in 1800, the "White" mill in 1825, and the 'Red" mill in 1824. The next year came a post office, with Seneca Hale as postmaster. In 1836 Jordan had three grist mills, three saw mills, a sash factory, distillery, clothing works, tannery, five taverns, seven general stores, two drug stores, five groceries.
Source: Past and Present of Syracuse and Onondaga County, by The Rev. William M. Beauchamp. NY: S. J. Clarke Publishing Co., 1908, pp. 361-366./ http://www.placesnamed.com/j/o/jordan.asp

Series Title Years Cubic Ft. Dept. Comments
Architectural Drawings, Maps, and Photos 1967-Present 16 VC  
Assessment Roles, Final 1940-Present 15.5 VC  
Audit, NYS Comptrollers 1949-Present 3 VC  
Bonds and Notes 1958-Present 2.75 VC  
Budget, Village 1962-Present 49 VC Includes nonpermanent records
Capitol Construction/ Public Improvement Projects/ 1955-Present 9.25 VC  
Case Files, Planning & Review 1946-Present 12.2 VC  
Claims, Legal 1921, 1987 0.1 VC  
Correspondence or Administrative Files 1930-Present 1.2 VC  
Disaster Response and Damage files 1962-Present 1.2 VC Most files are from the Labor Day Storm 1998
District Reference Files (Water & Sewer) 1946-Present 11.2 VC  
Election Records/Notice of Elections 1967-Present 4.5 VC  
Federal Aide-Revenue Sharing Program Records 1980-1988 0.1 VC  
Grants & Awards 1985-Present 1 VC Consolidated Highway Improvement Program; inc: Safer Local Roads; Apron Paving, also Fifth & Alder St; sixth/Balsam; Water Tank Storage Removal; Fire Dept - 1998, also Birch Street Phases 1, 2, & 3. Lower first St - 1986, Sidewalks, etc…
Highway & Transportation Structure History File 1981-Present 0.2 VC  
Journals 1902-Present 2.25 VC  
Laws, Local 1965-Present 2.75 VC 1965 in Vault- check up stairs
Minutes, Village Board 1881-Present 3.5 VC  
Oaths of office 1940-Present 0.05 VC  
Payroll 1957-Present 2.5 VC  
Personnel 1969-Present 2.2 VC  
Special Franchise Records 1963-1971 1.12 VC  
Zoning 1969-Present 11 VC Also includes Planning files
Totals for Historical Records (Village of Jordan)

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