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Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program 

Farmers Market The locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables provided by this program offer many important health benefits to seniors while
also offering an economic stimulus. Farmers Market coupon booklets, redeemable for New York State grown fruits and vegetables, are distributed at community locations to eligible seniors. These coupons are offered once a year, beginning in July and the Program lasts until they have all been distributed.

The Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program Coupons have been distributed. All NYS residents age 60+ are encouraged to pick up a 2023 $25 Coupon Booklet at the CNY Regional Market starting Saturday, July 8. Coupons are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis to eligible persons with proof of ID. Each age 60+ adult in the household is eligible to receive a coupon booklet. 

How to pick up a Coupon Booklet?

The CNY Regional Market is located at 2100 Park St, Syracuse, NY 13208. To get coupons, go to the Welcome Center; from there, staff can give you the coupons or direct you to the table in the "A Shed." On location, you will be required to fill out an eligibility form. We encourage downloading it now and bringing a completed form with you. 

Eligibility Form - All Languages:

Spanish | Arabic | Bengali | Chinese | French | Haitian | Italian | Korean | Polish | Russian | Urdu | Yiddish 


What if I can't pick up the coupons in person?

If you need help picking up your coupons, a Proxy or Power of Attorney can collect them for you with proof of ID and a completed Proxy Form

Proxy Form - All Languages:

Spanish | Arabic | Bengali | Chinese | French | Haitian | Italian | Korean | Polish | Russian | Urdu | Yiddish 


I have coupons; how do they work?

Once coupons are in hand, we encourage using them at the Market that day. Look for the green signs saying "We gladly accept the NYS Farmers' Market Program Checks" at farm stalls to purchase locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Coupons can be used at various Farmers' Markets in Onondaga County, to see a list click here.


Each booklet contains five coupons valued at $5 each, totaling $25. Change is not given if purchasing items under $5. If you go over $5, you can pay the difference.





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