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Select Institute for Caregivers Courses and are now available here, on our website, for the general public and most importantly for those caregivers who cannot attend the classes in person.


Legal & Financial Issues for Caregivers - Two Part Series - November 2022

Part 1 - "Estate Planning and Administration Basics: What You Need to Know"

An easy to uderstand overview of estate planning and admistration including identifying and preparing key estate planning documents such as wills, trusts, health care proxies and powers of attorney. Presented by Timothy P. Crisafulli, Esq.


Part 2 - "How to Pay for Long Term Care: Understanding Your Options"

Understanding how to preserve assets from the costs of long term care. Benefits provided by private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid are compared. Presented by Timothy P. Crisafulli, Esq.



Making Sense of Medicaid -October 2022

How is Medicaid different from Medicare? Am I, or my loved one, eligible for Medicaid? Community or Chronic Care Medicaid: What are the big differences? How do I apply for Medicaid? Presented by Morgan R. Thurston, Esq.



Medicare & You in 2023- October 2022

Whether you are new to Medicare or are interested in learning what's new in the coming year, this class will help answer your questions so that you can make the right decisions for YOU in 2023! Presented by Office for Aging's Services for Aging Specialist, Taylor Kuzel, MPH, HSM.


Navigating Your Role as a Caregiver AND Employee

This interactive session explores the dilemma that employed caregivers currently face. Responsibilities for caregiving and work often conflict. Discussed are different aspects of each using "real life" cases and discussing how both the caregiver and employer react to each situation. Presented by Kathy Baranay, principal/owner of Strategic Management Solutions.


Aging Backwards

There are as many definitions of successful aging as there are older adults. All exercise and activity are not created equal and thre are definitive criteria for effective exercise at any age! In this class you will learn how you can effectively utilize exercise and activity to improve your quality of life as you age successfully and you will learn about the slippery slope of aging and why we even need to talk about exercise. Presented by Patrick VanBeveren. Patrick is the Executive Director of Empower Parkinson, Inc. and he has been a Physical Therapist for the last fifty years. He has spent the last 20 years treating and teaching older adults about exercise.


Experiencing Anticipatory Grief as a Caregiver

Anticipatory Grief as a Caregiver refers to a feeling of grief occuring before an impending loss. Typically the impending loss is the death of someone close due to an illness. This class discusses the reasons for anticipatory grief and what are some of the emotions that are experienced. It also talks about self-care and how to ask for and accept help from others. Presented by Walter Stein, Counselor, Educator, Support Group Facilitator at Hope for the Bereaved.


Sight and Hearing Assitve Devices and Supports

For seniors coping with vision or hearing loss, the fear of losing their independence and relying on others to assist with their daily living skills can bring on both helplessness and depression. This class offers information on types of vision and hearing loss; assistive devices for daily tasks, communication tools, purchasing tips and where and how to buy. Presented by Dave DeFrancis, Director of Outreach and Education at Aurora of CNY, Inc. This class has an ASL interpreter. 



Oral Health & the Caregiver - January 2021

The process of dental care is explored with a discussion on knowledge practice and techniques for good oral health. Presented by Margie Vensel, BSED, RHD


What Happens in the ER? - Isabel Kliss discusses what you should have prepared for yourself and your loved ones and have available all the time. This is basic information in case there is a need for a hospitalization. Then she discusses what happens if emergency services are called and what happens in the ER. She also talks about the key people you’re likely to meet on arrival to the hospital.



What Happens When You're Admitted to the Hospital? - Isabel Kliss discusses what happens during a hospitalization. Who will be involved in your care or your loved one’s care? What questions do you ask? How is a discharge plan put together? If you or your loved one has to go to a nursing home, what can you expect? She discusses how the referral process works and what you can do to be involved in these decisions. And, of course, who pays for all of this?



Legal & Financial Issues in Healthcare Planning - Attorney Tim Crisafulli speaks about Advance Directives: Durable Power of Attorney; Gifts Rider, Health Care Proxy, Living Will, Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment (MOLST) and Long Term Care Planning.



Downsizing & Decluttering: Rightsized Living for Seniors - Have you ever thought about relocating or downsizing but didn’t know where to start? Whether moving or “aging in place” many seniors find the task of downsizing difficult at best. This class will discuss where and when to start planning. It will offer decluttering tips, suggestions on managing the stress of the transition, what organizational supplies you will need, and liquidation options. The presentation is led by Mike and Jen Novak from Caring Transitions of Syracuse.



Financial Considerations in Health Care Planning - What is long term health care and who pays for it? What is the current state of long term care insurance? This class offers a discussion about other ways you can plan for long term health care expenses, including using products that you may already own. This Institute for Caregiver class was given by Jim Connell Jr., CPA, Financial Advisor.



Smart Money Habits
Designed to provide the basics of good money management, this class will assist you in developing smart money habits. Based in part on the AARP Finance 50+, we will discuss the step by step process of spending smarter, setting financial goals, reducing debt and improving credit. We will present the building blocks toward financial wellbeing and offer ways to reduce the risk of financial exploitation.  Handouts and worksheets will be provided. Presented by Dottie DeSimone.



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